My two cents on self-care

Self-care looks different for everyone. For me it involves not only the physical body, but emotional work and mindfulness too. It’s the stuff that I do to create balance to succeed and propel myself through life daily.

Owning it.

you don’t owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself

Utah the beautiful

Utah will always be home for me. To be honest I’ve been needing that feeling of home now more than ever. I’ve been lost in a life that is not for me for quite some time, and I am ready to get back to being me. So I made my way to Utah for a…

[re] fresh VITAMIN C SERUM

Let me tell you about my morning essentials. Wake up, drink coffee (with a bit of coconut oil), wash my face and apply my newest favorite skin care obsession: a VITAMIN C SERUM by [re] fresh SKIN THERAPY !! This stuff is AMAZING you guys! It leaves my skin feeling fresh, healthy and youthful (okay yes I…


You know what I’ve been extra thankful for lately?
The women who inspire and motivate me every day to be kinder, stronger, more independent, and the very best person I can be.

Angelic – Break Free

Speaking out about sexual assault. These photos were presented in the January issue of Angelic Magazine.

CBD Hemp Oil – keeps me calm

We all have stress. I get it. Starting a new job, moving, separation or any kind of big change can be stressful. For me there’s always an adjustment period. Anytime I move to a new place it takes me 2-3 months to get into the groove of things. When my husband deploys, I stress out…

Family is everything

Gosh it’s been three months since I’ve posted anything on the blog. It was never my intent to get this behind, but we’ve been busy! This fall I began a new job at Texas Tech University. I am an Adjunct Professor in the College of Theatre & Dance. It’s been a huge challenge, but also super…


a bday getaway to Alberta, Canada 🙂 check out our adventures to Banff and around Calgary!!