The Arts

I thought I’d share a bit about my recent photo shoot in Utah with Mr. Tavis Johnson. What a fun guy with a keen eye! Tavis is a local photographer and designer for Rustica Hardware ( in Provo, Utah. In case you haven’t heard, this is also the company my Mom works for, and may I say I am a HUGE fan of their work. Him and his honey, Brooke Davis, are known as some of the top wedding photographers around: both really incredible people, with great senses of style.

We were on location at Salt Lake City Photo Collective. This is a remodeled building that was a part of the Greek district in the early days… It served as a hotel for visitors that moved to the city to work on the railroad and in mining. Eventually it turned into a brothel. The main room we shot in was the living quarters for the Madam of the establishment. This building is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of this time period. The new owners have refurbished the beautiful brick walls and original wood floors, to create a great space for gifted photographers to collaborate in.

Ever since College, I have been huge on collaborating work with other artists. I believe this to be one of the most beautiful things known to man. I remember going through the creation process with many of my peers and feeling frustrated, inspired and ultimately taken to a whole other level of artistry. Often we’d be together, supporting each other and ending up entirely perplexed by the gorgeous art we were creating over time. Whether you’ re a visual artist, a musician, or a performer: everything we do matters.

Think about it…. If it weren’t for ART, people wouldn’t be able to escape to a realm separate from their ordinary lives. Many people wouldn’t be as enthused about dreaming and inventing new ideas to bring out into the world. Some people couldn’t learn to really feel something. Art teaches people to internalize, emote and really understand one another, or just to simply to get lost for a while.

A photo can say SO much about a person.

A performance can give you a whole new look on life.

A piece of music can change your mood in an instant.

I had this experience in a composition class at the University of Utah where we copied each other’s movement vocabularies. We basically had to become our partners, aiming to really represent their own individual being. Now that was something! As we watched, we could literally pick out each person within each one of us. It was amazing. I love how everyone has his or her own quirks and tendencies. Everyone moves differently, we behave differently, and ah I think it’s fantastic.

Many pieces of art begin from playing and improvisation. For some people this is the scariest and most vulnerable thing there is. Fortunately it has come to be one of the best teachers for me. I learn so much about myself when I’m really in it. Then when I am able to have contact with someone, it affects me in a way that I even start to move differently than I normally would. Whether it’s their influence or me reacting to their ways, it really pushes me to grow. This is a whole different kind of beauty. Just like in life with people and building relationships, everything shifts and shapes us, while at the core we will always remain ourselves.

Okay enough of me being an ‘advocate for art.’ Although no matter what I’ll always be a huge promoter of my art. That is because it has taught me so much about real life situations. I truly wouldn’t be the person that I am without it. Don’t even get me started about kids, teaching art and keeping it flourishing in our lives. A lot of us have it when we are young, yet lose our creativity, as we grow older.  The goal is to never lose it and learn to utilize it.

So thank you to all of you – photographers, visual artists, performers, dancers, musicians, and actors – for all that you do. You are the ones that make a difference.


Let me know what you guys think! My next post is going to be a lot more fun… I promise 😉 ImageImageImageImage

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