Auditions & Rehearsals

A part of being a performer includes auditioning constantly. As dancers we are always eager to be hired for the next job. In LA there is an insane amount of opportunity, although that means just as many talented people are going out for the same gig. Normally there is a mass amount of people at each audition, especially when it is an ‘open call.’ There are times where dancers/performers will be selected to go to a specific audition. This is always a great thing, knowing the company or show already has some kind of interest in you, and there are usually less people. Best-case scenario is to be hired through a ‘direct book,’ where the choreographer or director already knows that they want to work with you and you just get the job 😉

Image   SYTYCD Audition Season

If you have been to any kind of dance audition, you know how they are usually run. Dancers learn a combo, they make cuts and everyone is trying to make it to the callback. Some jobs are a little different however… When I go to commercial auditions, everyone has a different call time throughout the day and you are basically in and out. Whereas many other auditions last all day long. For example: yesterday I went to a commercial/dance audition where I simply had to slate my information, and freestyle any dance style to a song of their choice. That was great! As much as I like learning new material and basically having a free class, it is always nice to change things up. Oh! Also in LA, everything is basically set up online through numerous casting websites. It’s a great system and really keeps things flowing.

Now I’m the type of person who always loves to discover, grow and rehearse new material. I like the routine of things and so I enjoy doing a show that is pretty repetitive; however, I also need to explore new movement and ideas consistently as well. It’s a nice balance to have both mediums available to me. If I have too much of one I start to get a bit irritable. It’s also a relief to dance in the way that I choose, while I also enjoy having some kind of uniformity.

Image  Studio Play

Yesterday I was able to work with my friend Tasha Hamilton (refer back to my post on 1/7 for more information on her and her family) once again. Although I often take class from her, this was more of a private session.  She began setting choreography on me while it was quite a collaborative effort as well. As movers we all have quirks and tendencies, although that’s what I think makes us uniquely beautiful. There is always a way to think about something different, and to arrive at a different outcome. Sometimes all we need to do is forget, let go, and feel through the music.

I can always use certain reminders, even when I have contrived these thoughts before.  Striving to carry out a piece of movement in a different way each time, is constantly something I can explore. This is a concept I was first introduced to by Alonzo King. Feeling the movement in your own way and branching off of a structure you are given, is always something I will be interested in. Tasha believes in this as well. She reminded me how much further I can go within the movement, by thinking differently, or not at all.



Discover, in the moment.

Do not judge.

Find new ways.

Constantly change it.

Honestly it all relates to life. We all have to get used to life changing around us, while keeping that base and foundation that roots us. Spending most of my life in a dance studio has taught be a great deal about real life situations, and myself as an individual. Truly as I have mentioned before: art teaches us about life.

In the words of Misty Copeland: ‘whenever I danced, whenever I created, my mind was clear…. My worries would dissolve with the dance.’ While I am able to forget about the disturbances around me, dancing helps me understand the emotions I am feeling, while I am able to problem solve in the moment situations. I mean… Isn’t that what life is all about? 😉

I may be incredibly sore today, but it’s always worth it.

Keep on moving y’all and trust yourself!

Much love,


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    what a badass picture!!

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