New Beginnings


Monday I began training with Ricky Palomino. You may know him from Season 3 of SYTYCD or as a choreographer on ‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.’  He has also danced with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in New York City (ahh). I feel quite fortunate to be able to pick his brain of his knowledge. He combines both movement aspects with great scientific aspects of art. It is pure brilliance. A lot of this information is either new to me, or explained in a different way than I’ve ever heard before, offering new insight into the subjects at hand. Oh and have you seen him move? Just look up a video of him and Chaz dancing together! You’ll die!

Speaking of Chaz, I also had my first rehearsal with ‘The Difference Between’ Co, directed by Talia Favia. Previously I mentioned the audition process – which you can view on YouTube ( ) – and now I have a taste of what our next few weeks are going to be like together. Basically every dancer in this show is a total BEAST. I am so impressed with the talent and expertise we are dealing with. Chaz of course is just a dream to watch move. Each and every dancer is so interesting and unique; truly, emanating their own individual specimen through their movement.

Talia also really wants to get to know us as individuals, and expects a high level of professionalism. So we know we will be working hard. The show is athletic, powerful and not easy. It tells a story, and it is a beautiful one. She provided each of us with a journal. Now this is something I can really appreciate! The fact that I’m actually expected to write down my thoughts is just what I need. I already enjoy doing this and now I have no excuse not to. During our first night together, we already made a lot of discoveries. Magic was being made! Talia expressed that she is not trying to create completely new ideas (which is almost impossible): She is simply trying to create them in new ways. Now this really stuck with me! I never thought of it in this way. The creation process is so interesting you know. Even with a show that has previously been set, it may never be what it once was; yet it will always obtain an essence of what it began with.

Image[ First Rehearsal with Talia + Photo Cred ]

That reminds me of something Ricky was speaking about yesterday: He mentioned that no one would ever be in the same space more than one time in his or her life. Think about it! The world is always revolving and moving, surrounded my planets and outside worlds. You can never get this moment in time back, and I think that’s pretty amazing.  We are always changing too. Morphing, growing and moving forward in time and in space. So let’s not waste it!

Tuesday morning I also had the privilege of working with dance, celebrity and sports photographer, Jonathan Ressler.  Now this is one amazing man who really believes in what I have to offer. I couldn’t be more grateful for him and his vision! I was up early for the shoot, arriving with a team of people to help me get ready. Although the shoot was quick, it was very thorough and ran quite smoothly. I felt great about the images and can’t wait to see the final products! Below is a test shot from when were first playing with the lighting. Most of these photos are specifically body shots, although we plan to do more in the future. Stay tuned!


Oh I was also was able to dance and train with the LA Escape Artists once again. Boy did I miss these people! I always enjoy exploring through movement with Alex Little and many of my fellow dance peers. These lovely people were some of the first friends I made when I moved to LA, so I definitely love and appreciate them. As I have mentioned, my favorite thing is to explore through improvisation. Every single time I improve, I make new discoveries. What’s crazy is that when I start to make more limitations for myself, I actually find even more nuances than I normally would! Think about it… If you take away a normal tendency, you have no choice but to do something different than you ordinarily would. Mmhmm. Lucky for me I was able to investigate these concepts with both Alex and Ricky’s company this week. I sure was happy about that!

Wednesday night I went to CARNIVAL! Okay so if you’re not in the LA dance scene and you aren’t familiar with this affair: it’s pretty much the biggest dance event there is! Carnival, located at the Avalon downtown, happens monthly. It’s a night where choreographers can showcase their work and get more exposure for them and their dancers. So basically it’s just one big get together with every single one of my friends! Yea pretty amazing, and man there is some talented people involved. This month happened to be the fifteenth anniversary! If you can imagine, this night is the one to go to. The line to get in was literally down the street. People like Marty Kudelka (Justin Timberlake’s choreographer), Rhapsody and Dana Foglia! I’d say these pieces were definitely my top favorites. If you haven’t seen Dana’s work well CHECK IT OUT! She is brilliant and I am obsessed with her stuff. Rhapsody was new to my eyes but man did they go all the way in; no to mention she is from New York. I loved everything about the vibe of her dancer’s performance.

Image [ Carnival with my Loves ]

Let’s see so:

New Training

Brilliant Choreographers

Amazing People

Awesome shoot

Incredible Shows

Rehearsal Process

New Family

Dance Events

And the usual auditions!

Yea it’s definitely been an amazing week so far, and it’s just the beginning! Man am I excited about everything that’s going on J I cannot wait to see what’s in store next. I must always remember to keep being me, working hard, and remembering what’s important. If I had any kind of advice for myself, and all of you: Get out there! Take risks. Be innovative. Discover your own voice and artistry. Play around. Do not stress. Trust. Live and let live ❤

Talk to you all very soon. I just got a package from back home and I am VERY excited to open it!

With love,

Sydney S.

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