New Favorites

As you can imagine there is SO much to do here in LA. I am constantly finding new café’s, coffee shops, stores, and salons all around the valley. For the most part everything is easy to access, while occasionally I must venture out of town to find new discoveries. Here are a few of my latest finds:

After working with a new hairstylist from my recent shoot with Jonathan, I came across a new salon! It’s called Eden by Eden Sassoon. Now you all know I LOVE DryBar and I have yet to try Blushington (next on my list). Although this place has just about everything you can imagine. It’s a dream! Their services offer: hair, waxing, makeup, nails AND pilates. Oh my goodness; I just found my second home. Okay third next to the studio. Hah!

I recommend Zaley for hair when you go in. She’s amazing and she even specializes in extensions! The nails I saw looked so fun too. You can view more of their services on the menu provided here:  Image

Eden is located in West Hollywood, right on Sunset Blvd. It is really easy to access and there’s street parking. As soon as you walk in, you just know you are about to have an experience of full pampering and TLC. The layout is quite exquisite, and the artwork on the walls completes the whole package. It’s all gorgeous and quite luxurious! Of course, just look at the location and step inside.


[ Eden by Eden Sassoon ]

I also discovered a new café in North Hollywood, right down the street from me! This may be old news but I am obsessed with the Republic of Pie. They have the absolute BEST coffee 🙂 In case you haven’t heard I have an obsession with coffee. Honestly it’s bad… I’m always tempted to visit Trader Joe’s, just to get the free samples. Ah! Anyway, the best place I’ve ever been to is in Utah and it’s called Juice N’ Java. Yes it is divine. You can pretty much create any drink you could ever think of. Well ROP may not have as much of a variety, but the quality is mm mmm good. It reminds me of coffee I’ve tasted from Seattle. Inside the place is so rustic and cool. Tasha introduced this to me of course! Thank heavens I found it, because I just keep visiting Starbucks and/or Coffee Bean. I am way more into finding those fun little unique, local coffee shops that are hidden away. I have yet to try their food there (and I plan to soon), although the place next door called ‘Eat’ is absolutely amazing.

Image Located off of Magnolia

Oh yes and I took a trip to San Clemente this weekend! If I thought I had found my favorite locations around Cali before, well it just keeps getting better and better.  The fun thing about living in a new place is that I am constantly exploring: from Hermosa, to Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach and now San Clemente and Del Mar! Honestly I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Every part of California is so beautiful (well for the most part), but in a completely new way than I am used to. I mean Utah and those remarkable mountains will always be home; but the sun, the beach, and all of the rolling hills and palm trees, yea I’d say they are pretty great 😉

Friday night I went out to the downtown shopping area in San Clemente called the Avenida Del Mar. Oh boy is that a fun and quaint little place! As I was pulling into the city I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the hills were above me, with the most stunning homes, hidden between the brush of green. We ended up going to eat at Nick’s, which is an amazing Mexican restaurant a part of the Avenida pedestrian mall.  I really loved the dim lighting and cozy feel to it all. Our table was tucked away in the corner, with lavish pillowed seats. They even brought us warm towels! Mmm. Believe it or not I ordered the seafood enchiladas. Okay so this is so not like me! One because I always eat so clean and two because Mexican is my weakness :/ Although after this last week, I felt like I could reward myself. I have been dancing an awful lot and previously had been preparing for the shoot I mentioned, for many weeks beforehand. So I’d say I deserved a good meal 😉

6715026077_06b9b59b7c Check it out!

Afterwards, we walked around and admired the cute little shops. There was an old -fashioned candy store that was a lot of fun to look at. We also ran into a few wine cellars although we decided not to go in. I am a major fan of wine and my roommates are complete connoisseurs, so naturally I was tempted. Instead we sampled some velvet-frozen yogurt, and chatted about life plans. I have to say I do love where I live, and I love where I work and everyone I am surrounded by, but sometimes it’s just nice to get away. On the weekends I love to take long drives, go on a big hike or walk along the beach.  It all just clears my head and reminds me of why I came here and how I plan to move forward.

Don’t worry I didn’t just play all weekend. I also had an audition, shows and rehearsal. Today I will be in rehearsal all day and I cannot wait to dive into this process. I’ll also be putting together a package for my sweet brother who is in Florida! I was lucky enough to get an amazing one from back home as well. Boy am I grateful for an amazing and supportive family! Not to mention I think i’ll be spending a lot more time in San Clemente. That’s a secret though 😉 Maybe I’ll tell you later. Until next time!

Muah! ❤


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