Week of Training

This week I continued working with Ricky Palomino; training and rehearsing in preparation for his show in May, entitled ‘Daylight Come.’  Monday we began a piece with the lovely Matt Cady. You may very well know of him as creator and choreographer of the dance group ‘Fanny Pak,’ from Season 2 of America’s Best Dance Crew. Basically… he is amazing.

Mr. Cady has begun to create a contemporary piece for our show that is SO fun. I don’t want to give away too much, although I sure love his vision and movement vocabulary. Ah it is just so funky and cool, with such a different vibe. Okay maybe this is known information, although I am finally getting to experience his work for myself. I’ve always heard great things and keep trying to catch his class, but man oh man. Now I get it! Quite recently, he even did some choreography for Madonna’s MDNA 2012 World Tour. I feel quite fortunate to work with such extraordinary choreographers. Thanks to Ricky! Not to mention his stuff is INSANE as well. Gah! Yes to training and the creative process. Woo!

Image [Training in the Studio]

Midweek we had another awesome class with Ricky. Can I just say NO ONE can warm my body up like he does! I mean really…. It’s pretty incredible. I feel like a complete noodle and a lot more open than usual. He just never stops moving and really pushes our bodies past what we think we can do. I absolutely love it! His method of training is just so keen.  Following, Melody Lacayanga from SYTYCD worked a bit of improvisation and strengthening training with us; we focused on feet, core and contact improvisation. Oh boy this was quite a treat! I always appreciate a day of training and organic movement. Mmhmm. Yes please!

Oh yes and we also were just informed of the location of our performance! Near the end of May we will showcase a compilation of work at the LA Theatre Center Downtown. Stay tuned for specifics!

Image [The gorgeous Los Angeles Theatre Center]

In case I haven’t mentioned before, Talia Favia’s show is happening April 5th at the Montalblan Theatre. I honestly can’t wait for either of these shows!

Image[Ricardo Montalblan Theatre]


On Valentine’s I spent my afternoon subbing my first class at Movement Lifestyle! I sure felt rather privileged to be considered for this spot. Thanks to the always, lovely Tasha Hamilton, I was asked to fill in for her regular ballet class at the studio. I will say ballet has always been my favorite form of dance to teach. In high school I began teaching all different levels of ballet at the Vibe Performing Arts in Utah. My goal is to continue to stress how important ballet is as a foundation of our dance training, and to remind students just how well it can aid in all forms of dance. I love the structure behind it, and that it is always a challenge. For me it is home base. Any time I take ballet, I am reminded just how much I value it in my training. I aim to always stay interested in how I am executing each step, challenging my technique and pushing it to the extreme. Honestly I wish it were more important to dancers out here and everywhere. Truly it can help you with everything! Let’s hope I can continue teaching more and more, sharing this information and encouraging more dancers to stay in class 🙂

Image[Friday’s line up at ML]

Thanks for reading! Next I will be posting about some fun activities and Valentine’s! Yay! XOXO


Syd 😉

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