Lots of Love

Talk about the most PERFECT weekend! Wow. Normally I don’t like to talk too much about my personal life. I like to keep things private for the most part. However this weekend has been too good not to share, and I owe it all to my guy!

Thursday night we began by hunting for a restaurant where we could both enjoy the menu. Although we have similar tastes in food, our palate tends to vary from time to time. Eventually we ended up at ‘The Village’ in Studio City. The ambiance inside this place is what makes it so special. The dim lighting, fireplaces, shelves of books and wooden furniture just seem so cozy. You have a choice to sit on the heated patio or inside at the bar.  My favorite things on the menu seem to be the basic bites. These are small plates you can order a bunch of and share! My favorites are the cider glazed brussel sprouts, crunchy cauliflower and the meatballs. Austin really liked the truffle Jalapeno Mac & cheese too. Their drink menu looks quite divine as well 😉

Image [ The Village – Ventura Blvd., Studio City ] 


Afterwards we went to the store to pick up ingredients to make peanut butter ‘kiss’ cookies!  Mmm mm. These have always been my favorite cookies to bake. I am a huge fan of peanut butter and the kisses and hearts are perfect for Valentine’s. I’m sure you’ve all seen them before – otherwise known as pb blossoms – and they sure can never get old. When I’m home in Utah, usually I am making decorative cupcakes with my little brothers (mainly Skyler), so this year it was nice to have someone to join me. By the way there are many variations of this rather simple treat. It’s always fun to be creative! We decided to make these to take them to dinner the following night, since we were invited over to Austin’s brother’s home.

 Image Muah! 


Valentine’s day and night s was utterly perfect. I began my day by heading over to Blushington in West Hollywood. This place is very similar to DryBar that I have mentioned before, although it’s ALL MAKEUP! Ah what a dream. You walk in the door and there are cosmetics lined up all over the walls. They have you sit in a chair in front of a beautiful vanity with a very large selection of makeup. Their services include makeup application, tinting, waxing, airbrush and lash extensions. Gah! You may also choose to get a full-face makeup application, camera-ready makeup or eyes-only. It honestly is the BEST thing. Thankfully I had a gift certificate sent to me by my wonderful mother and was able to get my makeup done just for fun! Oh yes and there are packages that save you a lot of money. A full face is normally $40, although if you buy a monthly package of 4 it would be half the price each time plus 10% off all of the products. There are many other options as well.  Take a look here: http://www.blushington.com/looks/



Image [ Blushington – Sunset Blvd., WeHo ] 



Following my teaching experience at ML (as mentioned in my last post), I ran home to change and soon after heard the doorbell ring at my house. I open the door and I see a handsome guy standing there with flowers and a brilliantly wrapped gift! My goodness I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was SO excited that I happened to leave him there, door swung open, as I ran upstairs to get my phone, just so I could take a photo. Hehe. The flowers were big red roses with a touch of purple (my favorite). Inside the package was:

Rocky Mountain Treats

See’s candy hand picked box of chocolates

Gift card to Sephora

Starbucks gift card

A list of places we wish to visit and many activities we plan to do together

 Image The beautifully wrapped gift 

Image Just perfect 


Basically… He’s amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful for such a thoughtful gift! He definitely knows all of my favorites and puts so much thought into it all. I honestly can’t believe it. I’ve never met someone who is so considerate, clever and aware; oh and not to mention hard working and ambitious! Man what a perfect combination.


Later on we made our way over to his brother and sister-in-law’s house nearby. Here we made dinner together and even had a little competition! It was so much fun and a great way to get to know them. What a darling couple. After we joked a bit and tasted some of our cookies, we walked a few blocks to a neighboring bar called Seventy7 Lounge. The cool thing about this place is that it is a Speakeasy bar, which means it was an illicit nightclub during the prohibition. Back in the 1920’s these places would illegally sell alcoholic beverages. You can find them (hidden) all over the place, from NY to San Francisco.  The wooden peep hole entrance definitely conjures the roaring vibe of this era. It’s quite extraordinary. 

Ps we completely forgot to take pictures, we were having so much fun.


Even though I had work the next morning, I couldn’t ask for a better Valentine’s. I loved everything about it. Every detail. You know it really is all about the little things. Even a small bit of effort can go a long way. Unfortunately these days, I find most people to have a tendency to do the bare minimum. That or they expect a lot of work out of you. There has a to be a shared balance and an understanding between the two of you.

After the shows, I headed down to San Clemente (my new favorite place), where I shared a nice dinner with Austin, his lovely mother and her friends. I’m one of those people, who love’s quiet nights at home, relaxing after a long day of work. I’ve never been that into going out (okay maybe in college); it just takes too much out of me. I’d rather use my energy towards training and being active!


I hope you all had an amazing weekend full of LOVE! I felt massive amounts of love coming from everywhere: from Austin and his family, to my friends and fellow dancers, and, of course my own amazing parents and brothers! What a lucky girl I am. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Chow! Talk to you soon.

Much love,

Sydney S.  


This guy ❤  

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