Finding Balance

This week I got a notification from WordPress that it was about time I blogged again. So here I am 😉 No actually I’ve been meaning to post for the past few days, and just haven’t had the chance. Last week I was feeling pretty passionate about writing because of my ‘utter confusion.’ Little did I know, I was just overexerting myself and on the brink of being sick. This definitely doesn’t change the way that I felt; although, this would explain my feelings of frustration.

One of the hardest lessons for me to learn in life is to have and maintain balance. I have the tendency to excessively work myself into the ground, until I am forced to stop. This can be a little too extreme for one to handle. Although I constantly feel like I need to be doing something. If there is a day that goes by where I don’t do as much, I feel like I have failed. What I have to remember is that everything I choose to do has a purpose, even if it doesn’t involve using my body one hundred percent of the time. Learning to work at the right times, rest when needed, process information, reflect and move forward, is a great way to achieve even more. 

ImageSan Clemente, CA 

As soon as I had a day off this past Monday, I finally stopped to think about what I had accomplished in the week prior:

Twenty-five shows at Disney

Rehearsal with Ricky

Hip Hop class  

Training with the Escape Artists

Class with LACDC

Plus, a weekend full of rehearsals with The Difference Between Co.  🙂  

After all of that, I even managed to take ballet Monday morning with Ms. Tasha

(This is what happens when Austin is out of town).

I’d say I can be pretty proud of a week like this. However that doesn’t mean I can discredit my following weeks, by comparing it to this one. 


Finally on Monday night I decided to give myself a break. Austin was returning home from Colombia and so I drove down to San Clemente to greet him! On Tuesday we met up with his best friend and headed out to the SC pier. Oh boy was that a treat! Now I’ve been to many beaches here in California, but I have to say that is one of my favorites. It is gorgeous. The three of us had lunch on the pier literally sitting on the water. As I looked down from my seat I could watch the tide coming in, while the waves hit underneath us. I had some really yummy swordfish and clam chowder. Mmm. There’s nothing like seafood right next to the water. I am definitely a fan.



Image  { San Clemente Pier } 

Image  Fisherman’s 



That night I had rehearsal with Talia Favia and TDB Company once again. After a really lovely weekend with these incredible people, I was definitely ready to be back in the studio with all of them.  Man I just want to tell you all about this shoow! Although I’d rather just have you see it and experience it. In all honesty, I have no words. You just better be there on April 5th 😉

I will say that I just LOVE them. The kind of work that is being put into this show is pretty remarkable. Every single one of these dancers is beastly, and unique in their own way. Personally I really appreciate how organized everything is and how we always know what to expect; of ourselves and of those who are in any kind of leadership role. It also feels quite collaborative, which has always been important to me. We also each get our own individual attention from Talia. She really cares and wants to know how we feel. She gets it, and I think that is so cool.

Image  { Rehearsals in the Studio }

One thing I really need to do more of, is observe. By watching others, I am able to learn SO much. Whether it’s noticing someone’s own individual movement vocabulary, how they are aware of their body, or how they can feel through parts of their bodies differently than I can – it is all helpful and informative for me and my own body awareness. I have been doing a lot of this lately and it sure is enlightening. Basically I just want to steal elements from everyone around me, and incorporate them in my own way. 


It is also so important to rest. Since my body is my tool, I always need to be careful with how I am taking care of it. This means not overdoing it. Yes Sydney, you can take a break. I constantly have to remind myself of this. Not only does my body have to be at ease, but my mind and soul as well. If anything is slightly off, things won’t run as smoothly. Sometimes going the extra mile isn’t always the best idea. That is how I often end up sick and overworked. By taking a break to recoup, I can perform better in the future. What another great lesson to be learned. Austin is always reminding me of this. As hard as he works himself, he knows when to take it easy; and he’s right. 



Enjoy your weekend everyone! You deserve it! I am happily back at The Map (Disney) today, enjoying my time dancing in the rain with my favorite people ❤ Sometimes there is nothing better. 

Much love, 

Ms. Syd 

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