Time Away

Thursday of this week was one of the craziest days for me. Literally when it rains, it pours. Now I know I’m always saying I want to do more (which remains true), although when everything you’re doing starts to conflict, decision making can be tricky. Somehow I ended up having 3 or 4 different rehearsals and numerous auditions I was requested for. Now this is pretty rare. Normally everything pretty much works out, even if a couple of obligations overlap; however, having five different agendas going on in one day makes things difficult.  I of course want to make everything work, and so I try to fit it all in, rather than picking a couple and just sticking with that. This may not be the smartest answer, but when it’s all beneficial and it is all with people you love – you try your best to make it to everything. Needless to say, that day wore me out. Although I know that whatever was going to happen, was supposed to.  


Luckily the day prior, I was surprised with something I could really look forward to over the weekend! Austin notified me that we would be spending a couple of days at Catalina Island 🙂 As I said before, I like to keep my personal life fairly private, however when he is this amazing I can’t help but share. On Wednesday night, the bf handed me a letter (I always love these). Inside was a code that was the key to what we would be doing come Friday. Honestly I had no idea what he was planning, even though I had a couple of guesses here and there. Nonetheless I soon learned that we would be leaving Friday morning and sailing away to the city of Avalon! Oh boy do I love surprises ❤

 Image { The boat }

Our ship took off from Long Beach harbor around 10 am. Although this isn’t the only dock to travel from, it made the most sense for us at the time. The boat ride takes about an hour and is quite lovely. We sat on the top deck watching the water as countless dolphins and sea lions swam by. The sun was shining, even though there was quite a bit of fog before us. We weren’t able to see the Island in its entirety until we came quite close to it. It sure is beautiful! 

As we docked, we grabbed our belongings and began to meander around. There are so many cute little shops there and many fun things to explore! Not to mention the history behind the island. Although we were only staying a short time, we knew that this trip would help us learn what to do when we came back to stay a bit longer. One of my favorite things was simply sitting near the beach, and staring out into the crystal blue water where numerous boats harbored. The waterfront was so calm and elegant. To the sides of us were many cute little homes of plentiful colors, nestled in the rolling hills above us. It was quite the site as we sat quietly, talking, and admiring everything around us.   

  Image { The Harbor } Image { The City of Avalon } 

It’s funny how a few of the souvenir shops are just old and rinky-dink, while many of the restaurants and hotels are new, lavish and well put together. We definitely had a lot of laughs. ‘People watching’ sure was mighty fun too! Austin kept noticing people ‘staring at us.’ While I didn’t have an answer as to why, I just assumed it was because we ended up with matching outfits for dinner that night (hah – not planned). One of the well-known restaurants on the Island is Lobster Trap, so we decided to check this out. Before we even walked in, we decided it wasn’t for us. I wouldn’t say it was a total ‘dive,’ but it is one of the more ‘historic’ places in the area. So we continued walking throughout the city to find the newest addition to the island: a restaurant called Bluewater Grill, which is literally right on the water. As the sun was beginning to set, we pulled up a seat outside on the deck and made ourselves comfortable as we looked over the menu.

Now I am a huge fan of seafood, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, so I was pretty excited. Even though Austin is more of a red meat fan, I was impressed to see he ordered the yummy Mahi Mahi. I’ll pretty much try anything in the fish family, whereas Ahi Tuna is a definite favorite of mine. Mmm mm. My dish was a large slab of this, with coleslaw, spinach, ginger and wasabi! You could say I was content 😉 Oh and that view! As we ate it became darker and darker, with twinkling lights all over the place. Okay I’ll admit we sampled some candy from this amazing place nearby, while everyone seemed to want to offer us a glass of wine. In more than one way, this night was absolutely perfect.

 Image   { Dining at Bluewater }


As you can imagine, there is a lot of history on this Island and in the city of Avalon. Believe it or not the island was discovered and has been inhabited for the past 8,000 years. I’m sure you all remember the Wrigley chewing gum craze? Well William Wrigley Jr. ended up owning the island in more recent years. His wish was to create it into an island destination getaway, while his baseball team (the Chicago Cubs) spent many of their spring training sessions there. A lot of Hollywood films were also filmed on the island, which brought over a few bizarre animals that remain on the island. Buffalo and bison are just to name a few. Oh and we saw a few trained falcons flying around their owners. One even got left behind in a tree somewhere, and we continued to wonder where that bird ended up later on. In 2013 the City of Avalon on Catalina, celebrated its 100th anniversary. Pretty cool huh?


Austin and I were also able to take a tour of the Island. We went up a street of homes, past the golf course and baseball field, and over the backside of the island. Eventually we ended up on top of the largest hill, where we could see the most incredible view of the harbor. Honestly, we could see just about everything from there. On our way we also ran into a massive zip line and a large hotel and spa hidden away. Needless to say, we know what we’ll be doing when we go back next time! Did I mention everyone drives golf carts instead of having a car? Basically you have to live on the island for thirty years to earn privileges of driving a normal car. There’s also a high school there somehow. Imagine that graduating class, where everyone knows every single person and all of their secrets. I also want to go paddle boarding, snorkeling, and to ride on the bottomless glass boat ride. Oh and there’s a safari ride too! Gosh there’s just so much to do there. 

 Image { The view }


Lastly, I just feel so grateful. I don’t mean this in a cheesy way. Genuinely I mean that I cannot be more appreciative to have the people in my life that I do.  Truly you learn just who you want to have around and then you understand why it took so long for them to get there. Going through all of the crappy moments makes you realize how amazing it is to be where you are now, including the struggle and the conflict. I have dealt with a lot of CRAP with guys, but it all seems worth it now. I know it’s just the early stages for me and I am still always learning, but I know that I am one lucky girl. I wish people of our generation understood the importance of how to treat people, especially through dating. It may be old fashioned, but there’s a kind of maturity and class about how our elders went about getting to know people. I don’t expect a lot, but when someone is able to think of you and not just of themself, I think that’s pretty amazing. 

Until next time! I’m already back to work. I’ll send some updates on rehearsals and the shows this week. Happy Sunday! 

With love, 


Image He’s the BEST

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