Regular Week

Well I’d say this week has been pretty eventful, filled with a vast variety of activities and mostly rehearsals. So I might as well just talk about it ALL!

To begin my week I was able to work and perform at Disney! This is always the best feeling. It has basically become home base for me. If I ever feel off balance or out of my norm, dancing in Magical Map brings me back to my happy place (haha). Now this may seem cliché and silly but I really mean it. Although I haven’t been in the show as much or as long as others, I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of performing in them. I mean how could Disneyland not make you excited and happy about life??  It really is such a blessing and lately I’ve been noticing the incredible interaction of our audience, which always fuels me.


Tuesday we had a photo shoot with The Difference Between Co. to promote our show coming up on April 5th! I think I get more and more excited about this performance every day. We were able to shoot some photos at the theatre we will be presenting this fabulous show in! The Montalban Theatre is on Vine Street near Pantages, and there is a large poster outside of our company. Starting this week we will be releasing a highlight and interview of each dancer in the company, as well as showcasing our principal dancer Chaz Buzan; and of course our amazing director and choreographer – Talia Favia! Stay tuned!  View the interviews here:



Image  { the crew } 


Image  { in action } 


As well as rehearsing and running Talia’s show at night, I also was able to work with Alex Little and The LA Escape Artists! On Wednesday we began a piece for a show coming up at the end of March. It will include five women who I adore: Amber Williams, Lauren Vangheluwe , Katie Reese, Haylee Roderick and I (yes Utah). Although this is very different from Talia’s work, I enjoy it just as much. It’s nice for me to have a change of pace just in the kind of movement vocabulary I am exploring. Even though what I do is always dance related, I love how much variety I can have in each experience that I have. I cannot wait to see how this piece develops. I love Alex dearly and she always makes me think deeply about life issues, related to our field.


Things I have been thinking and discussing lately:

Every dancer/performer is different

Although everyone fits in somewhere (we all have a place)

We have to find our ‘niche’

I love choreographers who utilize everyone’s strengths

You don’t always have to find a cookie cutter cast – sometimes that’s boring!

I love seeing a unique quality exude from every individual.


Image  { tou·ché }


On Thursday I had rehearsal later on, but needed to release some tension a bit beforehand. Therefore I decided to take a long walk outside. Oh how I love doing this! Anytime I need to really get out of my head, I either go for a drive or a walk and listen to music. Whether it’s the release of endorphins or the breathe of fresh air, i’ll take it. This kind of sedative always gets me back to the right place. Following, I decided to head over to my favorite new café, ironically called ‘Eat.’ Yes, once again NoHo has some of the best little restaurants with the BEST food! Unfortunately this place closes at 4pm so the best time to go is for brunch. I usually order the egg scrambles, with shredded zucchini on the side. Mmm! Perfect for my protein and veggie menu. Then I headed down to West Hollywood to get my hair colored once again at Eden-by-Eden Sassoon, a part of Sunset Plaza. I’ve mentioned this salon in a former post (hair, nails, waxing, Pilates, etc.). Ms. Zaley Blumenthal – from a previous shoot – colored my hair and I love it! I must say I’m used to my Mom doing my hair so it’s nice to find someone I really trust now that I am living out here. 

 Image { Basil Artichoke Scramble } 


Image { new hair } 


That night we had our first full dress run through with Talia! Boy was that fun! Everything is really coming together and no matter how many times we do the show, I never get tired of watching and being a part of every bit of it. That is pretty fantastic! Might I say there is no need to have any kind of crazy costume when the movement speaks for itself! That’s a note to remember when creating my own work. Sometimes simpler is better, while you can see the gorgeous lines and beauty the body is creating. 


Oh and not to mention I also appeared on a TV show on Bravo this same night, unbeknownst to me. This was something I randomly shot a few months ago and I had no idea it was being aired. It wasn’t until a couple of my good friends back home sent me photos and clips that I knew what was going on. Too bad we didn’t record it because I think we all could have used a good laugh here at our house! I don’t think I need to go into too much detail about what it was. Basically it was a dating show that I didn’t know a whole lot about. This was also long before I met Austin, and really it was just a fun experience.



Anyway Friday I was back at Disney and I couldn’t be happier! After a week FULL of rehearsals, I’m excited for a busy weekend ahead; well besides the fact that Austin leaves to Mexico for three weeks – I am so excited for him though! I know he can’t wait to get out there and play, just like I always want to be dancing at the next level.


With love,

Ms. Syd 

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  1. calmerthanyouare says:

    Wow, those are some lovely faces and smiles!! Thank you for that and making me smile. Beautiful beauties, always a pleasure 🙂

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