You know how just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, something really catches you off guard? Whether it’s a habit you believe to have broken, or a belief you really didn’t know everything about. I definitely was reminded of a few of these grounding thoughts in the last few days.  It begins as frustration and then confusion and eventually clarity comes out of all of it. This cycle is natural and often necessary, however the important thing is to trust the outcome and not to try to figure it all out in the heat of the issue.

I’m that person who wants things to happen fast. I hate waiting and I just want to do it all myself. Although timing is a big part of how things unfold. It has to be right. My mom always says: Be a warrior, not a worrier. There really is no point in worrying over anything. I think 97% of what we worry about never even happens anyway. Now what a waste of energy that can be!

Image { Chelsea Rowe Photography @ U of U 2013 }

So then I think about how this applies to the Industry. Oh boy….‘the industry.’ Where do I start with how this makes me feel about what I do? Well it is a GREAT thing, and you really just have to know how to handle it (while I am constantly learning). More than anything I think it is important not to get sucked into it all. I mean going to audition after audition – whether you book something or not – can really start to get to your head, if you let it.  Whether it’s the way that people treat you at these different functions or the way they treat themselves, I think we all need to be conscious of it. Of course you can only really worry about yourself, however there’s a way to respond to these situations and not let it all get to you.

One thing that concerns me is the distorted body image many of us have of ourselves. This is a huge issue in the dance and performing arts industry (I have been a major culprit as well). Of course our bodies are largely a part of what we do and we have to keep our instruments healthy and functional, although it doesn’t mean that we can treat them in a detrimental way. I definitely learned this the hard way, and that is why I am speaking on it. As dancers, athletes and performers, we all must learn how to take care of our bodies. I know that we all ‘know’ this, but I don’t see enough action. Just like everything it is mainly mental and so we must learn to control our thoughts more than anything.

The most interesting thing I’ve found lately is that most everyone I know – at one point or another – doesn’t view his or her own life or work, as being enough or even that ‘cool.’  Isn’t that funny? We often view ourselves as so much less as somebody else, when really they could be seeing us as so much more. Even those who carry a sense of arrogance, most likely are using this to cover up their insecurities. I think it is all about perspective! The only good thing about this is that we’ve all been there and can relate to one another. However we often forget this and begin to believe we are the only ones who feel this way. Really we are all just fighting for that next job, whether it be on one level or another, it’s all very similar.

Unfortunately this can be seen as being very negative. Often we get doses of bad energy and we all know this doesn’t help any situation; so either we change it or we avoid it. It’s as simple as that. Also I just realized: overthinking can lead to negative thoughts. All of this is just unnecessary! So let’s change it 😉 Just as they say in the movie Eat Pray Love, ‘If you can’t master your thoughts, you’re in trouble.’


On a lighter note, thankfully there are those instances where we can escape from ‘the Industry.’ For me it’s when I take class or train with specific people. Basically it is everyone I mention in my posts and I have become fortunate enough to find MANY of these individuals.

The LA Escape Artists:

I always enjoy working with this company and the wonderful Alex Little. Personally I really love the exploration and collaborative process we have together. Oh and not to mention our lovely life talks. Lately we have been working on a beautiful girls piece for a show coming up next week. Haylee Roderick, Amber Williams, Katie Reese, Lauren Vangheluwe and I are performing in a ballroom show (Life Through Dance) directed by Italo Elgueta on Saturday, March 29th at the El Rey Theatre in LA. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Image  { Rehearsal with the Escape Artists }

LA Contemporary Dance Company:

Being a guest artist for this company is quite an honor. Performing with these beautiful souls may be all I need on a weekly basis. I really look forward to open class with Kate Hutter each Wednesday night. Her movement and approach reminds me a lot of College. I miss being in school, diving into my craft each day and really exploring with the body, especially through improvisational tactics.  I’m telling you I wouldn’t have spent the last four years of my life any other way. It taught me so much about myself as a dancer and person.

The Difference Between Co:

Now this is an exquisite group of people, I just seemed to happen upon. Somehow some of the most unique individuals came together and have created quite an exceptional experience. Not only is everyone down to earth, this cast amounts to the most badass group of dancers I have ever seen. Now that is difficult to find. Honestly I can’t wait for you all to see. Two weeks to go!


{ The Company – Photo by Spencer Dennis }

Words of advice to myself, and those around me:

Worry Less

Let go of the bad

Keep doing what your doing

Start the morning with a clear mind, a fresh perspective, and a loving heart. Create something beautiful today, something to make yourself proud.

A final thought…

Isn’t it fascinating to think that everyone who comes to LA is in search for or is seeking something?

Could that I fact be our problem? That no one is comfortable or settled here…

If you think about it, elsewhere people just ARE they way they are. They stay there to just BE, and maybe that’s why they act differently?

That is just something to think about.

Au revoir!

Love, Syd ❤

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  1. Kevin says:

    The worrier also is a trait (or habit) passed down in families and oftentimes ignored as a problem to overcome simply because we relate to it as a result of our love. Think of a passion you have for something (dancing or a sport) as the same thing! It has a weight to absolutely set us into a tailspin. When you feel this, what can you do? Reminding yourself that it’s that perspective the world and others have that sometimes takes more influence than you as one person can provide (in a single effort). In landing a job, we’ve all heard the “it’s who you know vs. what you know” coined and no doubt that is working for you or against you all the time. My family of “worriers” see me as the positive minded one; but I know I still do a great deal of worrying than I lead on. There are things people do such as praying, meditation, breathing exercises that clears the mind. Have you ever worried so much about something that you found yourself suddenly scrubbing the house down? I think it’s a sign you are worrying too much but the endorphins released by the activity calms your nerves in the same way as people who exercise or meditate regularly so you may do it more than you even realize.
    (By the way, for me when I was growing up as a kid it was shooting basketball or taking a warm shower – if only every meeting or big moment in my professional life I could be doing one of those two things 🙂

    Kevin Baird
    Corporate Learning Designer and Professional Tennis Coach


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