Life Happens

This weekend was rough: rehearsal after rehearsal and no sleep. Who am I to complain though? I am the one constantly asking for more and more, and that is exactly what I have been given. Therefore every moment of my process must be cherished, no matter how worn out or beat up I may be. So I trudge forward. Some may say I am taking on too much. It may be seen as better to focus on one or two specific events, rather than trying to do it all. Nevertheless, why not seize every opportunity? You never know where something might lead.

Image { Matthew Ryan Photography – The Great Salt Lake, 2012 }


Come Monday, just as I thought I might self-destruct; I witnessed the most tragic accident I could ever possibly imagine. As I was walking up Laurel Canyon in North Hollywood, I heard this large explosion nearby. I turned abruptly, seeing a limp body crash to the ground as glass shattered around him. A man lay face down in the road, stripped of his clothes and completely immobile. The car that hit him, pulled off to the side of the road directly in front of me.

Pause… What just happened?

The previous worries and thoughts that had been rushing through my head were completely erased. I was in shock and I couldn’t move. Everything around me seemed to be moving in slow motion, yet it all happened so fast. I wanted to rush and help the man when a crowd already had formed around him. The woman who had been in the car was hysterical. She couldn’t stop screaming and crying as she kept her distance.  Unfortunately the man had been jaywalking…


So then I really stopped to think about how precious LIFE is. I’m always reminding myself to not worry about silly, petty things. However, when something like this occurs, you start to have a whole new perspective on life. Now I didn’t know this individual personally, but he is of some great importance to someone. His life may or may not have been cut short for unnecessary reasons. In this moment he became very important to me. This man made me realize:

Our time is very valuable.

Life is too short to worry about stupid things,

It is important to savor every moment;

There should be no regrets.


Life is a one-time offer,

Use it well.

Image { Matthew Ryan Photography 2012 }


So here I am again, being thankfully blessed for what I’ve been given. In case I had forgotten how lucky I am, I soon was reminded. I carried on my day, knowing that everything could be stopped at any moment. I knew there was a reason I had taken on so much. It is because I can. I am capable. I have been blessed with this moving body that was born to express and tell stories; share memories and moments and understand those around me. I will use it as a vessel and always keep it moving forward.

Image { Jessica Jane Photography – SLC, UT }


Tuesday I awoke after a late night rehearsal with Alex Little. Creating with her and the lovely Escape Artists is just such a pleasure. What beautiful souls. This rehearsal was proof of everything I had been feeling that day. Even in the moments of rigidity, it is all significant to the whole. It is all a part of the process. The process is what should be seen as beautiful and not just the outcome. If we only live to see the resolution, we will miss everything else in between. So I woke the next morning with this on my mind. Although my body was aching, I knew that if I continued to move through the pain, I would find ease.

The Escape Artists were then offering a class taught by Ms. Kate Harpootlian, recently here from NYC. Now this darling girl is quite a treat! Her class was a basis of contact improvisation, which happens to be one of my most favorite experiences of life (but really). Going through four years of College and studying improvisation weekly, really made me love everything about it. The progression teaches you so much about yourself as a dancer, and how you relate to other movers. I believe it’s where you truly develop your own individual artistry. Although I have been introduced to many different methods and structures, Kate introduced us to a even more new ones to explore!

Starting slowly, we began by closing our eyes and touching the lower half of the brain stem (the medulla oblongata), which releases energy.

This led us to really trust one another.

Then again in partners we played with:

The backspace

Negative space

Adhering and subverting

Staying connected

Tempo & imagery,

Leading to specifics in a beautiful collaborative group effort.


Immediately following class my mind and body felt so much better. It was all so satisfying and new, yet familiar to what I have touched on formerly. Finding nuances in an art form I have been involved in my whole life, is such an incredible feeling.




To finish the day off, we had an unbelievably empowering class taught by Talia Favia herself. Now we’ve been rehearsing so much for the show, that this was quite a pleasant surprise.  Although I can honestly watch her work set on our company one hundred times over, it was nice to have a slight change. Whether it’s choreography from the show or a new class combo, everything she puts out is utterly as Badass as the moment before. I mean seriously, it’s INSANE. Then watching her and Chaz and everyone get into the movement as much as we did, was simply AMAZING. Again we were reminded just why we ever came together in the first place. Gah!

Don’t miss it! April 5th @ the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre. One night only! Promo Code: TALZ

Image { The Difference Between Co }


A few more random thoughts and updates from this week:

I am back to working with Ricky Palomino’s company and a few new choreographers. Monday we started and finished a piece set by Nicole Kirkland. This fierce lady recently created the choreography for the newest PRINCE music video. Yea she’s great! That piece is just mmm. Once again I am so pleased to be able to work with so many different amazing people, dancing and experiencing movement in so many different ways.

Alex’s piece is really coming together and I cannot wait to perform it with some of my favorite girls!

I realized I could basically at the same thing just about everyday. Eggs, brussel sprouts, protein shakes, tofu, veggies or seafood are always on my perfect meal menu. Oh and I’m a total coffee addict who really just craves sugar all of the time. Yea I am a weirdo and I have the most sporadic thoughts at any given time. Although I must say LA knows how to do those brussel sprouts RIGHT. Lol so then I think…


The smallest things, makes me SMiLE:

A good quote

Travel plans

Texts from the boy (by the way I am so proud of him and his accomplishments)

Talks with my Mom

Photos of my brothers

Reggae music

Long drives

Pinterest and love stories


I hope you all find the good in everyday. I am constantly reminding myself to do so. Life is too short and we are too precious. People mean the world to me, while experiences make them last forever. So laugh a little, work hard, stay quiet and do your very best in everything that you do.


With love,


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