Staying on Track

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of discussion about eating habits. Since I happen to take great interest in this subject, I always like to chime in when I see fit. Actually many people have been asking me about my thoughts as well. I figured since it’s been a subject of topic, I might as well write about my findings.

As I have mentioned before, it has taken me many long years of doing the wrong things, to figure out what is right for me. Luckily I have finally found a group of clean food meals that I really enjoy, which I basically stick to and cycle through. Honestly I could eat basically the same thing every day and be completely content. I also go through phases of the same types of meals for a number of weeks, before I really switch things up. Although I do know that my body can get used to this kind of thing, so I have to be careful. When I think about eating too much, it consumes me and is not a good thing. By being stress free, discovering healthy foods you enjoy and keeping consistency, your body will be just fine.


Now to put things into perspective, a couple of years back I completely screwed up my body to the point of no return. Truly it was pretty scary. I was sick, extremely dehydrated, I had lost all sufficient nutrients and overall I was just unhappy. So if you can imagine, I had a long way to go from there. At least the only way to go was up. I met with a counselor, a nutritionist, and basically did anything I thought would help alter my physical body and overall mindset.


Although all oft his helped, eventually I realized I simply needed to figure out what works for me personally. The most influential person in this pursuit was a mentor and close friend of mine, James Urianza. Oh how I adore this man! I met him in the fifth grade, attending my first Pilates session with my Mom. Ever since that moment I’ve seen him as another father figure of mine. Truly he is brilliant. I have trained with him all throughout my dance training, up until I moved to LA. Needless to stay, I miss him dearly. Fortunately he has taught me enough about my body, that I was able to bring his knowledge here with me and apply it on a day-to-day basis.


{ James Urianza – owner & creator of Studio Physiques }


A few of the greatest LESSONS I have learned from him are:

Don’t over do it – our bodies are under enough stress as it is, we don’t need to add anything to it

Eat more frequently – dancers rarely eat enough and it is quite sporadic throughout the day

Love your body – learn to appreciate what you have and see it for what it is and not what you think it should be

Stress less – the more you worry, the more your body holds onto everything you are giving it

Take time to recover – it doesn’t always work to be so strict all of the time, give yourself a break so that your body will be more agreeable and able to get back at it

Image { Personal fitness training – James has developed a specific workout series for DANCERS that I will be sharing with you shortly }


Okay so let’s talk about FOOD specifically. What types of food should you be eating? Well everybody is different. I have a slight sensitivity to some dairy and gluten. Therefore I simply feel better by cutting them out. I used to crave cheese every day and never thought I could live without it. However now I only eat cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, unless it’s a special occasion. I have noticed my skin to improve after this alteration as well. Oh and eggs are a favorite of mine! Basically I could it them every morning (but this is more for protein purposes). When it comes to carbs, well I don’t really eat them to be honest. I rarely eat bread, pasta or rice. Although I do love oatmeal! In fact I eat this often, and especially on the morning of a special event. Did I mention I generally don’t eat fruit much either? If anything I will mainly just do berries (or a banana in my smoothie). Often there is more sugar in these than we think. If I do eat fruit it’s normally earlier in the day.

Okay so I’m sure you’re wondering what I DO eat. Well there are a lot of things! There’s a large variety of veggies that I am finding can be made and substituted in all different ways. Lean proteins are always a go to for me too. Fish and tofu are my favorite, although I will throw in a steak from time to time. Simply put – I eat animals, vegetables and good fats. I’m really only cutting out dairy, sugars and grains. All of this may seem boring and pretty restrictive, but it’s really not. I should mention that I don’t eat like this all of the time. There are weeks that I add in a bit more comfort, when I can have more leniencies. Oh and Austin I created this new tradition we like to call: fun food Fridays! This is something we – or I know I – can look forward to each week, and it often gets me through the rest of my days. Basically it’s my cheat day and you better believe that I allow myself to treat myself!


A perfect MENU for me might be:

Breakfast – eggs and tomatoes

Lunch – a salad filled with greens and a bit of protein (either tuna or chicken)      **I really love fish and I eat a lot of it: anything from yellow tail, to shrimp, tuna or salmon.

Dinner – brussel sprouts and bacon or kale & spinach bites with tofu

— In between meals I often throw in a bit of cottage cheese, a yogurt, protein shakes or a bar here and there. Oh yes and I am a huge fan of Earthbar. Here they have every kind of nutritional shake or juice you can think of, as well as a handful of wellness shots to boost your immunity.



Some of my favorite places to Dine in LA are:


The Federal Bar

Veggie Grill

The Village

Aroma Café

Fish Dish

And of course Earthbar

Oh yes and my absolute favorite dish is either Ahi Tuna from Umami Burger or Sashimi from Korea Town

Urth Café is always a good choice too 🙂


Image     images          7193408_7xPWkKp1lcWkGcY4lsKoIlTx-Fa1L4oCBocGtYUzV-Q       urth-caffe-320

If we are talking coffee (which is my weakness) I would suggest:

Steam Punk


Republic of Pie


Or the Ebar at Nordstrom (unless you want to drive to San Clemente)


Did I mention that EAT in NoHo has the BEST breakfast and it’s serve all day? Their egg scrambles are my very favorite. The basil, sun dried tomato and artichoke scramble with a side of shredded zucchini is the bomb. Oh and basically anywhere you go you can find the best side dishes of brussel sprouts, roaster cauliflower or turkey meatballs. Yea I’m a fan!

Image  { View the Full Menu here:  }


Once again, here are a few of my ‘rules’ taken and adapted by Mr. Urianza:

Low in carbs

Drink 2 liters of water

Eat about every 2 hours

Cut out most dairy

Limit the fruits (sugars)

Veggies are always a go

Lean meats are best

Starches should be sparse at times

Never skip meals

Always EAT & do not stress


I’ve definitely started to get a lot more creative with my cooking lately. Basically everything I make comes from Trader Joe’s. A lot of my ideas come form Pinterest (follow me) of course! Everything from: spaghetti squash, cauliflower crust, shredded chicken and protein pancakes. There’s actually a specified search section where you can look up recipes under Paleo, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian diets. It all makes eating healthy quite easy and fun!


Click on ‘Healthy Eating’ and feel free to browse


I hope all of this is making sense. Soon I will provide a list of foods to reference. There are many aliments I think we forget about! In preparation for certain events, there are parts we can cut out and eventually add back in. It’s all about what works for YOU.



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