A night to remember….

What an incredible week it was last week! It sure has taken me a few days (almost a week) to post on the matter, however I’ve been busy working ever since then. Oh and Austin’s home too so I can’t help but spend all of my free time with this amazing guy!


As many of you know, we premiered Talia Favia’s work – The Difference Between Sinking and Drowning – in Hollywood for the first time. Saturday night was nothing but magical. We had been working hard as a company for three months and we finally were able to put it all on stage. After a rough few days of lighting and technical issues, the show was happening and we couldn’t believe it. It had come so fast!

Image { Hollywood Preimere }

Image { The Montalban Theatre }

Image { before the show }

Beginning the opening piece, we could feel the warm energy and love coming from all around us. It was if we were one, creating an incredible story to be portrayed for the audience before us. Not only were they affected by the work; they were completely sucked in and taken aback by everything that was being thrown at them. There was an overwhelming abundance of feelings exuding from our bodies, so I’m sure it was difficult not to feel something on a large-scale. Following the end of the first Act we already had received a standing ovation, while the end of the show was no different.


Image { waiting in the wings }


A few of my favorite moments during the show were:

~As we walked out on stage for the first time in the opening piece and all of our eyes met, as we knew what was about to occur.

~Reaction of the audience: every single moment was a new experience for them.

~The moment toward the end of the first act (during ‘hanging on’) where the audience went wild. That definitely fueled us as we flew across the stage.

~When the pedals fell from the ceiling. I mean how could you not smile at such a thing? When everyone is in line of sight and you can see the expression on his or her faces, now that is priceless.

~In the end, that feeling that ‘we did it.’ Somehow, someway, we made it happen and we did it together.


Image { 2nd Act }

Image { finale }


Succeeding the performance, we all headed out to greet our loved ones. Now I’ll admit I didn’t think I would know anyone in the lobby. I mean my family was in Utah, Austin was playing in Guatemala and I just know everyone has their own obligations. Although when I walked through those doors, suddenly I saw crowd of familiar faces! A handful of our cast at Disney had come to surprise us and I couldn’t have been happier! Boy do I have so amazing friends and coworkers. Not to mention I also spotted an instructor of mine from back home, a dear friend from the past and many other lovely faces that I adore. It honestly was the BEST feeling. Knowing that there are people who love and support what you do and take the initiative to come and see you without even having to ask?! There really is nothing better.

Image { My Mapmaker Girls }

Image { another great surprise – Ms. Savannah }

After visiting with friends and taking photos on the red carpet, we headed upstairs to celebrate! The after party was quite the treat as we finally got to relish in our accomplishments. Since it technically was the end of an amazing process, saying goodbye was bittersweet. In our hearts we knew this was only the beginning and we’d be seeing each other very soon.

Image { TDBSD girlssss }

Image { this human >>> }

In fact we all gathered together the following day for a workshop put on by the amazing: Brian Friedman, Talia Favia (below), Christina Nelson and Chaz Buzan (above). I’m not sure how we had an ounce of energy left in us to continue on, although that’s just what us dancers do. We never stop. There’s always something to improve on and training is key. So we got up, we went to class and we had one hell of a time. Oh yes and of course we relaxed afterwards with a nice dinner and reminiscence of the show. Whether this got us through the day or not, it was all well worth it.


Image { Talia Favia – creator }


This week I am happily back at the Map and rehearsing for a new show this weekend with Alex Little and the Escape Artists. Wahoo! Having Austin in town too is just the absolute BEST. Although I still feel like my body is recovering, I am taking time to recover when I can and also pushing forward. I have loved visiting with family friends, Austin’s family and pretty much my most favorite person of all time in the history of ever. 🙂 Hah! I’m sure you can guess who that is…. Have a great week y’all. I will be sending upcoming performance updates out soon, as well as filling you in about my current week’s schedule.

Love ya,


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