Cherished Moments

I may be a little behind, although I’ve just been as busy as can be! They do say that busy is the new happy. I’d have to agree that when I am diligently doing what I love, this definitely proves to be true. This last week I had a combination of all of my favorite things happening in just a few short days…


Austin came home! That was easily the highlight of my week. I was able to visit San Clemente once again, and spent time with him and his family. To be honest I wouldn’t be opposed to living down there a couple of days a week. I just love the feeling that I get when I am there and it is much closer to my work place aka Disney. I also finally treated myself with some fun food, since I had been eating so clean the three weeks prior. Reason being is I had a photo shoot planned to capture a few fitness shots. My plan was to get both stationary photos, as well as in action. I had the pleasure of working with Tom Cisneros (check out his website at: You can see a lot of his work there, along with the newest shots we created together. I’d have to say I really enjoyed my time with him; I appreciate how professional, positive and encouraging he was.

Here are a couple of examples, while I will be providing more at a later time:

ImageImageImageImage Tom Cisneros:


After a couple of days at the Map, I spent a few of my nights rehearsing with the LA Escape Artists. Alex Little was putting together a piece for us to perform at an annual event called Dance Excellence. In my last post I mentioned what this is all about, however I hadn’t experienced it just yet. The love and joy that came from these darling kid’s faces was pretty priceless. Children from all over the world came to share our common language of dance and movement. We were lucky enough to perform for them and share the stage as artists and peers.

I really cannot express how much I love and enjoy these people. To think I met a lot of them in the very first week and month that I moved here, seems pretty crazy. We were obviously all supposed to end up dancing and creating together. Alex is the one who brings us all in as individuals and really creates something special. I only wish that if I had the resources, I could put more time and money into these kinds of things. If only we could get outsiders to understand just how important and influential what we do really can be. This may very well end up being one of my biggest life goals. I will always be an advocate for the performing arts, and I will continue to strive to make it known just what it can do to enrich the life for you and those around you (this is especially true for children).

Image { LA Escape Artists take the stage }


Oh yes and I also had the pleasure of working with Jaci Royal and Tasha Hamilton all in one day. Jaci – who if you don’t already know is rather brilliant – is setting a piece on us for Ricky’s show (Daylight Comes). I really enjoy her process and the physicality behind her movement. It is very challenging but yet it feels so good in my body. She really had me thinking about choreography differently, and reminding me of all of the tools I was given in college. Tasha is of course a gem as well. I try to work with her as often as possible and her way of moving always just makes sense to me. I love how we can just sink into her work and the freedom she gives us. It’s also nice to know that someone like her appreciates you as artists. Ultimately that is the very best feeling. Needless to say I am sore and my body is loving it but hating it all at the same time.


Saturday was my only day off and Austin was leaving the very next morning. Therefore he decided to take me to my one of my favorite spots in California: Manhattan Beach! We drove down, walked the pier, admired the shops and observed the beauty around us. Soon we ended up at Fish Bar – one of my favorite restaurants I discovered while my family was in town – and boy was it just as good, if not better than I remember. I got the brussel sprouts (amazing) and the lobster hash; although pretty much anything on the menu I would suggest, and especially the seafood. We also watched a bit of the Masters and talked about golf. I sure am learning a lot about this incredibly difficult sport and I think if is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.



Image { Fish Bar }


All I know is I feel like one very lucky girl and I cannot be anything but grateful for who and what I have around me. As I said goodbye again and began to prepare for our performance to come, I started to really think about how much I enjoy my life at this time.

I have the perfect job, where I get to perform and dance weekly with some of the greatest people.

My guy is amazing and I’m not even sure where he came from.

I have the most supportive family there is and I couldn’t do anything without my Mom. She’s my rock.

Now I feel blessed to know so many wonderful people here in California, most recently including Austin’s family.

I’m continually able to work in my art, in all shapes and forms and that is pretty beautiful.



This week has involved a lot of Disney days and rehearsals with Tasha and the girls. Tomorrow I will be thinking of my Dad as he goes into a very serious operation, Austin as he is away in Argentina, and my brother Taylor as he is serving in Florida. I’m happy to say that I will be traveling home this weekend to see my favorite boys, my Mom and my Dad in the hospital. Family is everything and especially on Easter! Many photos and updates to come. I hope you all have a wonderful week and squeeze someone you love ❤

Image{ He may not be happy I posted this, but I couldn’t resist }

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