I just wanted to share a couple of photos and moments from our performance on Sunday. The lovely Tasha Hamilton put together a gorgeous piece of work and we finally were able to showcase it! We had been working separately for a couple of weeks and when things started to come together in the end, it felt pretty magical. In fact Tasha’s dear mother Irina mentioned ‘it felt like a dream.’ There really is nothing better to hear than this kind of feedback, and especially from a special woman such as her. 

Image { ‘Dissolving Friction‘ shown at MashED Up Contemporary Dance’s event – to raise money for local Arts programs } 


Rehearsing in the weeks prior ran quite smoothly. Although we rarely had anyone together at the same time, the moment we were in the same room as a collective group of people, it all just meshed. It was honestly so beautiful watching each individual bring so much of themselves to the table, dancing as one unit in unison to each breathe of the movement. I was lucky enough to share the space with these incredible movers, and I am always thankful to learn and grow with new bodies. 

ImageImage Alexa Anderson & Matthew Kazmierczak

Image Skylar Boykin & Paul Karmiryan  Image Lydia & I Image The group { Rehearsal Process }


In reality I cannot thank Tasha (and her family) enough for their love, devotion and belief in who I am and aim to be as an artist and a dancer. It proves to be true that these are the kind of people you always want around you; pushing and encouraging you to be better, while they root you on along the way. I often mention how fortunate I am to have found a handful of people here in LA just like this. These are the individuals I will always gravitate towards and continue to want to work with. If there’s one lesson I’ve learned it is that you cannot wait for inspiration, you have to go after it. 



{ Before the show } 


Soon there will be a video of our performance that I cannot wait to share with you! It’s be quite a treat for you all to see. In the meantime I am thinking in loving memory of one of my very firs dance teacher’s, Lisa Stoddard. This amazing human being has suddenly passed and will be forever missed. She brought to the classroom a light that fueled as all as young kids. Her example is exactly who I aim to be as an instructor, mother and individual.Anyone you ask from the dance community in Utah will tell you that she had quite the impact on each and every one of us.  Lisa was ‘loved by everyone,’ and a true example to us all. 


Shine your light. Dance for Lisa. 



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