There are many personalities of the brain. Often it is difficult to point out who we are, just by knowing our outer beings. Lately I’ve become a lot more in touch with how my brain works. I’ve always known it to be quite elaborate and full of continuous thoughts, although I wasn’t sure how to distinguish it in a world full of complicated people.


As I’ve mentioned before, I have the tendency to totally live in my head. The only way I have found to stop my mind from running is when I’m dancing, and especially through improvisation. I don’t like large crowds or at least for a large period of time. I need my alone time and I analyze almost every situation in my head over and over again until I think I’ve got it right. So basically I’m a total introvert. Although I don’t think many people would expect this. It’s also viewed in society as almost being some kind of disorder. However almost a third of the world is seen as being dominantly introverted, living in a world that is primarily filled with extroverts.

Image  Image { photo by Matthew McDaniel of Utah – shot a couple of summers ago } — reflection


Therefore I think we just need more knowledge on the ‘brain behind our personalities.’ There are many myths about being an introvert. It is often believed that they are shy, they don’t like people or like to talk, and they always want to be alone. Well none of this is necessarily true. Shyness can be evident in both kinds of people. Introverts just need a reason to interact, and they usually don’t talk until they have something to say. It doesn’t mean they are afraid of people.


They do often have smaller circles of friends. When they form relationships they prove to be quite meaningful and long lasting. They also don’t mind going out in public, but it eventually tires them to the point where they just want to go home. Most of the time they take in data and experiences quite quickly. It doesn’t take them long to ‘get it,’ and once they do, they can easily move on and will later on process all of the information they received.


So now I’ve been thinking about how knowing this can help me, and affect the way that I live and experience different situations. As you already know I really enjoy writing, and this totally comes from being more of an introvert. It is easier for me to process information when I write it down. I can just as easily speak it, although it seems to take me a bit longer. Once I have it though, I feel like I can perfectly express myself in the way that I want to. I just need to play it over in my head first (often and over and over with different scenarios) and then it’ll come out smoothly, opposed to working things out as I speak them.


I’ve learned that introverts cannot be ‘fixed’ into being extroverts.

It is perfectly possible for an introvert to more lonely in a room of crowded people, than on their own. They create this internal world that entirely entertains them. In order to ‘recharge’ per say, they need to be on their own. This isn’t to be taken offensively it is more to be understood.


I think this is one thing I’ve often struggled with, is to be understood. Not that it’s that important, but I love people who really get me. It may be few and far between, however it’s fascinating to find those people who already get it and are actually a lot like you. For instance, my brother Taylor is very similar. Oddly enough we went through many years without knowing that either of us had this personality trait. Well it only makes sense now. Considering our upbringings, our drive and the way that we problem solve. It’s all just so similar. We actually had a conversation the other day that was really enlightening. It was so helpful to me and he had me in tears. It’s crazy how someone so young can know so much about life. He’s been with me through everything and he still continues to teach me, everyday.


Anyway, it’s funny how much we learn, as we get older. We learn to not worry and when to say no. We learn trust the moment and to choose the people that really make us who we are. I guess I just love learning. And the more I learn about myself and where I fit in (or don’t) the better off I am in a world full of extraordinary people.




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