The King King

Tonight I attended Terry Beeman‘s show ‘The Mental Head Circus‘ at the King King in Hollywood. If you don’t know who this man is, you MUST! He is absolutely brilliant in every way and has worked with just about everyone and anyone. His artistry and unique movement vocabulary is entirely captivating, while the humor and allure of the show really keeps you on your toes. The music, aerial work, interactive performers, dancers and vocalist, make it quite the eclectic experience.




Terry’s bio extends to numerous commercials, film credits, touring with recording artists, choreographing, appearing in special performances, master teaching, as well as being a part of the print and fashion market. He may be most well known for his role in ‘Show Girls’ and ‘Batman and Robin,’ while he toured with both Mariah Carey and Paula Abdul. This incredible man has also worked directly alongside Debbie Allen and ultimately creating his own company and a few dance ensembles. To view his entire biography please go here:


I am constantly finding new artists, creators and innovators. Not to mention the kind of brilliance that has been around for years. From the big named people to the underground movers, who I will gladly spend most of my time discovering. It’s amazing what LA can bring to your attention. Of course it is all really opening my eyes, enriching my soul and teaching me to find just where I fit in to this city I call home. I’m loving every second of it! It definitely keeps life interesting 🙂

Big thanks to Brendan Yeates and Alex Little for bringing me along! Oh how I love these two so very much. Muah!

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