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As soon as I think I’m going to have a normal and regular week, something always comes up to surprise me. Thankfully they have been really great surprises that keep me working and on my toes (both literally and figuratively speaking). On Thursday I was booked for a job as a model/dancer for a country music video. The artist, Robby Johnson, was and is rather phenomenal. I just love his story! You have got to check him out. He is a newly rising star coming out of Nashville, who was actually raised in Canada. Interestingly enough, he developed his accent by simply watching American television. I promise you will fall in love with his voice. He has so much going for him and I really truly love his music. Robby believes that music is for healing, and he derives the meaning behind his music from his difficult past. Isn’t that something we can all relate to? I also had the pleasure of working with four other lovely ladies in the dance industry. 

Image { Robby & the Girls }


I love being constantly challenged and given all new opportunities. I’m always feeling grateful and blessed for the life and work I am involved in. Truly I love every part of it, from he process to the final product. Anything involving the performing arts, entertainment, music and the arts, will always have my heart. You’ll never find me too far from anything of this sort. I’ll always be involved in fine art, whether it be performing, creating, or promoting it. It all has worth and with passion behind it, there’s no stopping it’s influence and power. 


Check out more information on Robby and his most recent video (South of Me) here:


Image{ hair and makeup ready }  


Stay tuned for the full video soon! 




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  1. Vaughn Brown says:

    That’s LA. Fake it till you make it. Tragic! That’s why I left that toilet of southern Californication. It eats you up and leaves you with nothing but a false identity and you wonder why you ever got involved in the first place.

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