Free Outdoor Performance

Alright everybody, I am HIGHLY suggesting you all be at Grand Park this Saturday night @ 7:30 pm. Why? Well because I have the pleasure of performing with the most beautiful souls at this GORGEOUS venue! Honestly it will be a night to remember. LA Contemporary Dance Company is presenting a site specific piece of work, created by director Kate Hutter. The piece is called ‘Prite Oef Stringh,’ and is an Ode to Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Now if you don’t know anything about this, well then you may not know much about your dance history. In 1913, the premiere of this work caused quite the controversy. Before this time, dance was seen as being only beautiful and courtly; however, this specific ballet seemed entirely unnatural and jarring. Not only was the movement (choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky) difficult for the eyes of the audience, the music was also completely disturbing with hardly a melody. Igor Stravinsky created this unpredictable score, which led to a total riot in the house of the theater. If it wasn’t for this specific event, I do not believe dance would be what it is today. This kind of milestone changed the way the world reacted to any live performance. It was unheard of and I LOVE that! 

Go here for more info on this former masterpiece:

View an example of the piece here: 

(note that we will not be performing this, it is just in relation to it in order to get some kind of understanding beforehand) 


In case you are unfamiliar with site-specific work, well let me educate you a bit. It’s rather simple and just brilliant all at the same time. Basically it’s when dance happens in unexpected places. It is when a performance breaks out of the usual stage live space, or a studio. The location now becomes largely a part of the dance itself. Both postmodern and avant-garde choreographers of the 1960s and 70s were the ones who first introduced it to the world. Often the work is seen outside. The easiest thing for me to possibly relate this to would be a flash mob (although that’s not what it is to me at all), just so you get an idea. Normally the choreographer must get permission by the grounds to use the space. The choreography often changes as well, since the amount of space and optimal landings make for quite the excitement for one’s moving body.

Actually I had an entire course on this kind of work. To learn more visit this site: 


Image { Grand Park at dusk }

Our performance is a part of the 13th annual Dance Camera West, Dance Media Festival happening near Union Station and the Music Center across from Grand Park. It begins on June 6th and last until Sunday the 8th (and also on the 13th). Their aim is to bridge the film and dance community in Los Angeles. The committee is committed to cultivate ‘vibrant’ dance media. For more information on the festival click below and DON’T miss it: 


Of course you have to check out LACDC’s website as well! This is a company I have grown to LOVE here in LA. I am so grateful to have been a guest performer with them over the past year. After college I was searching for something I really wanted to be a part of and they are exactly it! Everything I studied and fell in love with in school, is what they promote and showcase in their work. Kate and the company members are incredible to say the least. I could go on and on and on, but instead I say you come to see the performance to really see and experience it interactively for yourself!


LA Contemporary Dance Co. – Prite Oef Stringh 

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