Year Marker

I have now officially lived in Los Angeles for ONE YEAR! Wow I just cannot believe that. There is so much I have to recap on, although I will try to keep it brief. Overall I’ve learned a lot about people, the industry, networking, keeping it real and staying true to myself.


My resume has vastly expanded and here are a few highlights for me: 

Agency Representation

Escape Artists LA

Disney Contract

Britney Spears stand in

Oscars Promo

LACDC performances

Science World Commercial

The Difference Between

Various Photo shoots

Music Videos

Class, training, rehearsals, countless auditions and MANY live performances!


 Image                           { Ed Flores }


More importantly I have come across a handful of amazing connections, which I will always appreciate and turn to for guidance. They are what has taught me the most. What I’ve found is that people are always looking out for themselves. It’s inevitable. It is something I have come to realize, which I also have learned to really focus on in my own life.

Everyone out here is in search of something. There’s a kind of hustle, where there almost seems to be no end to it. It’s almost unsettling but then it also keeps it all continually growing.


Image   { Tavis Johnson }


If there’s anything I’ve learned while living in LA it is that:


Everyone is self-serving. You either learn to play the game and you solely look out for yourself, or you stay away from it all. 


There are very few who you can trust and rely on. They are your family. They’re the ones you choose, since most of us have no one else here. We are all living and dreaming alone; while the ones we choose are there to help us along the way. They are the ones who keep us breathing.


It’s almost like an underground society.


Unfortunately there is a lot of shadiness. This has been proven to me more than once. Once you’ve observed things for a while, you begin to see what goes on behind the scenes.  It’s just so interesting to see and realize what’s really going on. The crazy thing is that is most likely only ten percent of what is actually happening. Seeing is better than not seeing thought right? 


Then I start to feel bad for those who are blinded: the people who have always been handed things, and never really learned how to work for anything. They are lost in my eyes. At this point what can we do for them? We simply revert back to only being in service of ourselves. I mean there are certain methods of child development one must go through, in order to have some kind of understanding. I for one, have been able to somewhat discover these over time. Even so, there are always pieces missing in our lives that we are in constant search to find.


However in this constant search for clarity, I always know I’ll be okay. I have my mind to entertain me and those few close friends to keep it all on the right path.


To sum up what I have gathered in a year of living here, is that life is all about the people in it. It’s not about talking about people. It is more about the events we have together and all of our experiences. Whether it’s work, relationships or just living; it all involves whom we associate with. Of course one has to be their own person before they can interact, although, all of these people affect us and shape us. We should choose wisely. It’s hard to trust anyone. Sometimes it is okay to ‘trust life a little bit.’ (maya angelou). Just remember to be phenomenally you and always believe in what you are.



It is people like these 


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