New Finds

I’d like to share just a few of my latest finds around town. Thanks to my lovely friends, I’ve been discovering some real gems lately.

If you’d like to have the BEST brunch you could ever ask for: head on over to Bea Bea’s in Burbank on Pass Avenue. My mouth is literally watering thinking about his place. Here they believe that ‘breakfast is everything,’ and this couldn’t be more true. The portions are huge and leave you full all throughout the day. I personally like to order all of the egg dishes, although you better believe I was eyeing the massive french toast and the yummy green tea pancakes. Ah! They also have the best drinks: from coffee, to hot chocolate and thai tea. It’s also right across the way from Starbucks, but when I’m at Bea’s I am not thinking about Starbs let me tell you. Oh yes and you can order it online!

My next suggestion would be to go back and sing a few tunes, while your friend plays the ukulele. Yea that was a good day 😉 Oh yea and curb sitting, while blasting music from your car, eating good food and watching the sunset, is also a really good idea. I promise! Try it and don’t forget to share.

You can't go wrong
You can’t go wrong
…. but really
…. but really


The next best idea would be to purchase Frank Coffee Scrub, and no this is not for drinking! Let’s be frank….. It has proven to be one of the BEST skin care products I have ever found! Apply to the skin pretty much anywhere for 5-10 minutes and wash off. ‘Frank’ is an all-natural exfoliator that targets all kinds of skin conditions from cellulite to acne and eczema. It reduces dry skin and stimulates circulation and blood flow. Your skin should immediately feel more hydrated after one scrub. I have to say my skin has never felt smoother and I’ve seen results like no other! All it takes is one small handful and the willingness to get a little dirty for a short while. I promise it’s worth it and fun too!


Get naked, get dirty, get rough….
Get naked, get dirty, get rough….
….get clean.
….get clean.


Lastly, I really think you should all go check out the Bourgeois Pig in Hollywood 😉 Now there are things about this place I sort of want to keep secret. You’ll just have to find out for yourself what makes it so special! I mean honestly as soon as you walk in you will see. I will say that you absolutely have to try the iced Chai Tea Latte though. Not until now have I found any place that compares to my favorite tea house in Utah. We are somewhat known for this stuff so I’m telling you, you must go. There’s a few hidden treasures deep within the crevices of this place. I dare you to go find them, and remember to take a friend or a good book with you too. Mmm mm.

Too cool
Too cool
and refreshing too
and refreshing too


I almost forgot! If it’s late at night and you’re looking for a really cool spot, hop on down to the Umbrella Company on Melrose. Here you’ll find some hippies, fun drinks, and you might even start to feel ship wrecked. Then again…. the best way to have the most fun is in a parking lot with your best friend! If you find a shopping cart there, get in, push each other around and make everyone around think you’re totally crazy. I promise you’ll never stop laughing and you’ll have some really great memories 😉




Until next time.



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