Refine & Depurate

Alright it’s time for me to write again, because I’ve been feeling some odd feelings I just cannot figure out. Talk about word vomit… This may very well capture a little bit of everything.

So why is it that certain tendencies bother us more than others? What is it that leads us to feel poorly about an individual? Gosh even saying this puts a bad taste in my mouth and I start to feel bad. This is just in my nature; however, there are a couple of behavioral traits I cannot stand.

Arrogancy is one of them and someone who acts fake is another. Laziness also ties into this for me and all together I just cannot deal.

There is a part of me who believes that if I’m letting it bother me, then maybe it has become my own problem. Since I do not feel like I need these kinds of feelings, I naturally try to ignore them. This leads me to potentially ignore the person they are coming from, and I would say this isn’t necessarily the best solution.

So how do we deal with something that does bother us in the so called ‘right way?’

Well I’m still trying to figure this one out. It may be best to approach the individual in a way that is informative, yet not destructive. Although I almost believe that this never really works. More often than not, people take this kind of conversation the wrong way and it ends up being a waste of breathe anyway.

So I continue on, to myself. Nothing is that serious anyhow.


In relation to dating, I try not to be too quick to judge on what I think I know about someone. It’s different when I’ve known someone for awhile and I start to see some kind of change. Who am I to talk though?? We all have bad days, confusing times, and feelings we over analyze.

Nonetheless, there are so many red flags I find that I will not deal with when it comes to guys. I feel as if this is the kind of thing that is pulling me out of every potential relationship, or the reason why I end up leaving. I also realize this could be a bit over the top and I know no one (including myself) is perfect. So what is it that makes someone stay?

Well for me, this all comes back to being real and constantly becoming more interested and eager to learn about an individual. Then comes the investment and careful selection of time. It seems as if you just have to be ready, when there’s really no actual ‘right’ time for anything.

Unfortunately this generation has become accustomed to non face-to-face interaction, and has even come to accept the hook-up mentality. I read a recent article that explains people in their 20’s especially are behaving in this way. Then I see my friends getting married and I cannot seem to understand how this can work! Then again I’m in no rush, I’d rather be working, and I also chose to live in a city where no one is that concerned about normalcy anyway (haha).

Must read:


I also find myself annoyed with the guy who is too ‘needy’ per say, and too involved. I like a man to be a man and involved in his own life, while understanding that I have one too. Although he actually has to care about you enough to feel appreciated. You know?


Eventually I end up back having a good time with my friends, who distract me from all of this nonsense. Actually I had a rather eye opening epiphany this last week that made me realize: none of this really matters anyway! None of it. In fact most everything I, or we stress about, doesn’t even deserve our full attention and energy.

This is a rather empowering feeling isn’t it? None of this petty ish matters one bit. You do you, and don’t give a sh*# what anyone else thinks. Just stay true and continue evolving.


So instead of worrying too much about figuring out everyone else I’ve come in contact with lately, I decided to work on me. Since I’ve been feeling a little off physically, I finally got some body work done for myself.

Sherry Olevsky ( is brilliant and will save your life! I can guarantee it. This amazing lady has begun to completely realign and structure my body, so that I don’t feel so out of whack. I have had some recurring injuries and I know this kind of work will prevent any of this from happening in the future. I already feel so much better after one session.

I also tried out a little kickboxing at my gym and man did that do wonders for me! Talk about getting out all of my frustrations. If anything bothered me before that class, it sure didn’t matter afterwards. Then a restorative yoga class completed everything I needed to recoup. Oh yea and Equinox is the coolest place on the planet. Every class I’ve tried has been amazing.


At the end of the day, I always come back to those small moments of fun. Shark week, car drives, a little shopping, dinner dates, along with a few more frivolous activities. Of course this all happens after my work and training has been completely. As long as I’m laughing nothing is that serious, and that is always something to remember.


The best of friends :)
The best of friends 🙂


Be back soon


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  1. Papa Tony says:

    I think what you are saying has many components that are common to being a human being. My advice to my own children is always to work on yourself and focus on your own thinking. The greatest book I ever read is called, “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. I think you would enjoy it. Here’s an applicable quote, “Our life is what our thoughts make it. A man will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and other people will alter towards him. ” – Tony

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