New Beginnings & Nature Walks

Well things have been quite busy as of late. Who am I kidding though? Everyone is always busy in some way or another. Although it hasn’t been the normal kind of busy. I’ve actually been in the midst of moving! Yipee. This is always quite the process. Thank heavens I’ve had the BEST of friends and my Dad who drove all the way from Utah to help me out. Otherwise I would have been in bad shape. Although I moved just down the street, it already feels like a whole new world (yes Disney influence). I am VERY happy about this new adventure.


In the mean time I’ve also found time to explore the outdoors: from nature walks, to picnics, the beach and lots of sun. It has all been a much-needed getaway from the ordinary crazy city life. Did I mention there’s a random lake and hiking trail up a canyon in Beverly Hills? Umm yea I was just as surprised about this as you might be. You don’t even feel like you’re in the same area when you go there! The spot that we stopped by is called Franklin Canyon Park. It is quite the little gem. Here we picnicked with new friends in celebration of the only day we have off ever, aka Labor Day!! Thank heavens for that. We ate, danced around, chatted, played Frisbee and enjoyed each other’s company.


Admiring the water with Brendy Bear
Admiring the water with my favorite 
Group Shot! New friends
Group Shot! Friends old, and new 


Last week I went hiking with a friend up Solstice Canyon. This is a gorgeous trail right above Malibu beach, where a few waterfalls used to fall. Unfortunately it is nonexistent because we are in this major drought, but there is still a lot to look at. I’m positive there are some little fairies swarming about, and I know we ran into some serious ancient ruins (okay not really). There’s just this really interesting old house there that someone built to live in next to the waterfall, and I’d say that’s cool enough. We also ate at a local seafood walk-up kind of place that was rather divine. I mean anything next to the ocean has to be good right? Unfortunately I didn’t get as many photos because I was enjoying the scenery a bit too much. 


Malibu, hiking & seafood
Malibu, hiking & seafood


Later this week we decided to travel down to San Diego with our good friend and my new roomie! Her parents reside there and since we all finally time off from our ordinary show schedule, it felt like a pretty great idea. We gratefully stayed at their house, woke up to a home cooked breakfast and headed down to Carlsbad State Beach! As anxious as I get to have every day be a productive one, this seemed to be just what we all needed. Enjoying the sun, the calm waves, and each other’s good vibes was absolutely a picture perfect scenario. Before we knew it, hours had gone by and we headed back to a local spot with burnt backsides and sand in our hair. Oh did I mention we saw a lizard show put on by some small boys? It was all pretty amazing and so peaceful.


Too much fun
Too much fun
Much needed
Much needed



Let’s just say I have the most AMAZING friends and continue to find all of these hidden gems on a weekly basis. Luckily I have so many great people to show me in and around this crazy city. Sometimes it’s a love hate relationship, but I’m learning to love it more and more. Thanks LA! Much love to everyone who made this week GREAT! 



Thanks for reading.

Love, Syd


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