Recently I was selected to star in a commercial for FrontBack. This is an app (similar to Snapchat) where you share moments, allowing you to tell more of a story . You can send photos from your front camera, as well as from the back. The moments you share become a lot more personal. Not only can you show people what you’re doing, they can also see where it’s happening. You know those moments when you can’t decide whether to take a ‘selfie’ or to show what’s around you…well now you don’t have to choose! (haha) Not only that, people can now react to what you send them. It’s a lot of fun I promise I couldn’t put it down. Check it out at: and download it now! It’s ‘you, and what you see.’

IMG_1457 IMG_1460

Not only that, I also got to work with an incredible team! Cole Walliser is an uber talented director here in LA, whom I’ve been lucky enough to work with more than once. I urge you to check out his work ( He has created projects with just about anyone who is anyone, from Pink to Katy Perry and recently Red Bull. Seriously you have got to see his stuff!

The rest of the cast includes:

Ashlee Nino is the runner, who is a very successful dancer and drummer.

The video was shot by Jimmy Hammond, an LA based cinematographer.

Hunter Pearson produced the music you hear over it all.


To view the full version of the commercial go here:

Otherwise you can find it on Cole’s website under the Blog tab.

I urge you to follow these people and go take a look at the app, especially with this new feature. I’m very thankful to have been a part of such a fun project and I am always looking to do more! Wish me luck. On to more work = play! Can’t complain 🙂


More updates coming soon.

Ms. Sydney

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