Small Pleasures

This week I attended the Rudderless premiere with my girl friend from college. Let me tell you this is one of the BEST movies I have ever seen! I highly suggest that you go see it. Not only is it very well made, it also came out of the Sundance Film Festival from this year. This kind of thing always makes me proud, being from the state where this kind of magic is presented. Not to mention it also has one of the most incredible soundtracks. I haven’t stopped listening to it for two days!


The film comes out into theaters this coming week: Friday, October 17th.

I won’t be in town so you better take note, since I may not be able to remind you.

Although I must warn you, it is rather shocking and not necessarily the most pleasant of stories. Needless to say, it will change  your life. Yes it’s one of those kinds of films. Check it out below.

tear jerker


Now if you get hungry on your way to the movie, I think you should definitely stop by Crave Cafe (that is if you live here in LA). There food is to die for, and in fact if you’re running late you can go to eat afterwards since they’re basically always open. My favorite thing to order is the Chai latte. You’ll probably have to get it iced if you try one, since it’s still Summer in this city. Otherwise the hot chai will be a great choice come December  😉


Oh yes and make sure you’re in good company. It doesn’t have to be a date per say. I mean let’s face it, I’d rather go with friends anyway. Crave is a great place to catch up, amongst a warm atmosphere, and interesting passerby’s. Remember there’s two locations close by: Sherman Oaks and Studio City. Mmm mm. I ordered the massive omelet and even took some to go. From the crepes, to the salads and desserts; at any time of the day, it will not disappoint.

perfect date

Crave + Rudderless = the perfect date!

PS I have some really exciting news coming to you soon! Stay tuned.

Syd, xoxo

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