Marry Me

Last week I was able to be a part of the most incredible moment! All week we had been rehearsing for this BIG DAY. Now it wasn’t about us by any means, although I’d definitely say we were largely a part of making it happen. There’s a new romantic comedy coming out on NBC, Tuesday, October 14th. It’s about love, crazy proposals, and wishing so badly for everything to go right. Well we all know this doesn’t always happen, and especially not in the way that we plan it. Lucky for us, the project we were a part of was a HUGE success! Now you see we got to witness a beautiful proposal, and we were all a part of the performance and presentation.


The new show is called Marry Me. It’s hilarious and it is all about being ‘together every crazy step of the way.’

Now the video we were a part of, was a promo for the show that comes out next week. The people in this however, were a real live couple involving an actual marriage proposal. They aren’t the actors from the sitcom, but that’s just what I love about it: this is real life stuff! Well at least from what I’ve seen, a relationship is not always peaches and roses but it’s definitely worth it.


So we have the sitcom, we have the promos. The cast seems rather amazing too!

Then there is our cast, and everyone who made this event possible.

We were on location outside the Culver City Hotel. NBC was of course the production company, and might I say amazing to work for.

Gustavo ‘suavo’ Vargas was the choreographer (Salsa class at Debbie Reynolds, you better be there). Him and his lady are a pleasure to be around, and they made it so much fun! All of the dancers and actors were such a joy to work with as well. Every day was a blast, and I looked forward to every day we had together.

IMG_2267 IMG_2242 IMG_2387

Basically it was a week full of lots of energy, fun times and a whole lot of love. This is why I love what I do! It’s always changing. I get to experience new things, meet amazingly talented people, and I’m doing what I am most passionate about.

the talent
the talent


Stay tuned for ‘Marry Me‘ premiering THIS WEEK! Please watch the video below, to get a little taste of what we were working on. We are so happy for Bret and Jovan! In the little time that we got to know them, we grew to adore their them. Chivalry really isn’t dead and hey maybe I actually do believe in this kind of thing 😉  Muah!!

Ps apparently you can see this on TV too! Keep an eye out and have a very happy, love filled day.

Love, Syd xoxo

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