A few fun things to do before leaving LA

This last week has been a complete whirlwind. I received word that I would be leaving the Country! In preparation, I decided to experience a few of my favorite things in Los Angeles before I took off. Not to mention there were a few of my closest friend’s birthdays to celebrate as well! Here’s a little look at what we did.

SUPing – Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Marina Del Rey

IMG_2804 IMG_2794



Venice Beach Dining – Abbot Kinney Blvd.

IMG_2801 IMG_2800


Taking a drive down Sunset Blvd 


We also visited Santa Monica Pier (three beaches in one day, is not a bad idea).

Carved pumpkins (okay I watched).

Played pool.

Late night chats.

Packed, ate sushi, grabbed some soy frozen yogurt.

Went dancing.

Worked out A LOT.

Long drives and even a few shows.

Visited our favorites.

Most importantly I made sure to spend it with my very favorite people! That is always the best way to keep calm and to enjoy the time before I leave. I also stayed up late learning choreography and didn’t get much sleep but hey. On to the next adventure! Stay tuned


Thanks for everything Brendan!!! Happy Bday to you, Miss Katie, Gerald and Karl! I’ll miss you guys. Thanks to everyone who made this week GREAT and helped things run smoothly. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Bye for now


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