Show Time

Since I haven’t taken the time to fully explain what I’m dong here in Europe, I’ll give you a little intro now. Recently I was hired to a replace a dancer in Helene Fischer’s tour ‘Farbenspiel LIVE.’ If you haven’t heard of her as an artist, you must look her up right this instant. Basically she is the most beautiful soul, with an angel voice comparable to Celine Dion of the U.S. You may have seen her performing with Andrea Bocelli or anyone of this caliber, since she herself is right up there in the rankings.


IMG_3396 IMG_3322

I got a call last minute, asking if I could leave immediately. Finding it hard to say no, I flipped my life upside down and headed to Germany a week later. Now here I am heading to Austria on a bus full of incredibly talented people. We just finished our second show – being my first – in Zurich, as I mentioned before. It wasn’t until last Friday that I began learning the choreography, while Tuesday was my first time seeing the show live. The following evening I got to be on stage a part of this incredible production, feeling the energy of collaborative performers, which completely fuels me through life. What an experience it has been! Truly I cannot wait for what is to come.

IMG_3352 IMG_3338 IMG_3335IMG_3357  IMG_3354 IMG_3355

Here is a brief look inside as we set up and headed backstage. Stay tuned and make sure to jam out to Helene’s hit ‘Atemlos’ at least once before I report back. Cheers!

IMG_3412 IMG_3404


Chow! Many more shows and fun times to come. Loving life.

Stay tuned!



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