Fall time in Stuttgart, Germany

Our most recent shows have been located in Stuttgart, Germany. We arrived back into this Country on Sunday evening, and I was able to venture out just before bedtime. This city felt a bit more metropolitan than the rest. There were shops galore, and our hotel was nestled in the middle of a vastly green park. Many musicians were set out playing different instruments along the way, while children roved around the fountains outside of the shopping center. No matter what time of the day, masses of people gathered to shop, eat and converse. Since the train station was just across the way, this seemed to bring a large population of inhabitants.

IMG_3786  IMG_3810IMG_4019

My days happened to be quite simpler in this town. A few of my favorite moments were:

Taking a long walk through the gorgeous fall park.

Observing the many shops lining the main terrace.

Drinking hot chocolate at the local theater café.

Finding Helene’s perfume line in a nearby store.

IMG_4027 IMG_4018 IMG_4016IMG_4104

I would say my only wish is that my Mom was here to see this all with me. Truly we have the best time on our long walks at home, talking and planning for what’s ahead. Oh yes, and she is the best shopping partner known to man.

I couldn’t help but marvel at the vibrant fall leaves, comparable to those from my hometown. The elderly couples whose love remained in a leisurely fall stroll, weren’t difficult to admire either.

IMG_3850 IMG_4026  IMG_4024IMG_4023IMG_4022 IMG_4014 IMG_4010IMG_4013  IMG_4006  IMG_4100   IMG_4012        IMG_3839

The first time I think I’ve ever gotten frustrated while I’ve been here (minus learning the show in three days) had to be the day I tried to do laundry. Thankfully the Laundromat was right next to the hotel, although trying to read the instructions was a different story. Most machines obviously work the same, but when it comes to payment and what button to push, oh boy that was a nightmare to decipher. I’m just thankful this sweet man was nice enough to help me out!


One of the coolest aspects about our venue for these shows was that it was at the Porsche Arena. I couldn’t help but think about my brothers, and how much they would appreciate this and enjoy seeing all of the car museums around town. Not to mention I was dying to have my baby brother here for his eleventh birthday. I have to say I also enjoyed our dressing room here. Although it was an odd layout, none of us seemed to want to leave the room, which lead us to cracking each other up in laughing fits just before the show. That sure got us going!

IMG_3943   IMG_4029

IMG_4043IMG_4031     IMG_4030

So far I’ve been added to every section of the show I am needed for, except one. This time I was able to perform the song ‘Te Quiero’ with the rest of the cast. Let me tell you: that was an experience! In case I haven’t expressed this enough, I am very happy and grateful to be here in such a beautiful place with one incredible cast. Dancing and traveling – there’s nothing better!

Rock ‘N’ roll




Danke! (Thanks)

Talk to you on the next bus ride, following our newest location 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Iris says:

    Love your blog…very enjoyable to read your experience during the tour! Looking forward to your next entry 😉

  2. dirklammert says:

    I was at the concert in Stuttgart too and it was an amazing Show.Thank you for this wonderful evening!!

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