Munich (München), Germany – it’s hidden gems and amazing venue!

Happy Halloween everybody! In Germany they don’t really celebrate this holiday as extensively as we do. There were a few people with face paintings and ears, although the idea of a full costume isn’t nearly as ornate as we see in the U.S. Most dressings were simple and ‘scary’ while I didn’t see much skin shown by anyone; I must say I rather appreciated and enjoyed this concept, whether the cold weather was an influence or not. Regardless, we still made it out late after the show in our own version of costume attire. A cat, geisha, mermaid, witch and Marilyn all walked the streets of Munich for a quick bit of fun. Not to say that we don’t get to dress up every day, doing what we love.

dancer girls

During the day, a few of us ventured out to create festivities of our-own. As we strolled the city of Munich (Munchen), Germany, eventually we found ourselves at the famously historic HB Beer Garden. Now this is a must when it comes to experiencing a real taste of Germany. Dating back to the 1500’s, beer was seen as being a fundamental food similar to bread. Formerly the ‘beer hall’ was strictly regarded for royals, until it became public in the 1800’s leading up to what it is today. As we entered we spotted massive beer jugs, sausages and dumplings, laid out amongst live traditional music. Although it was early on a weekday, people of all ages gathered to eat and converse together. The bottle openers and pretzel lady quickly became our favorite. After a quick taste in the Festival Hall, we grabbed a few souvenirs of our own.

IMG_4372 IMG_4374 IMG_4381IMG_4369

Continuing to saunter around the city, we admired the local market (one of the best in the world), unique shops and antique stores. One of my favorite finds was an Oktoberfest sweatshirt in a store full of special beer steins, bells and music boxes. Although I want to purchase everything, I try to be a bit more selective. The gelato and gourmet chocolates are always rather tempting. Not to mention the lady statue we found, that is meant to bring you good fortune. The only catch is you have to touch her golden breast (or so they say).

tour guides

IMG_4413IMG_4361 IMG_4385 IMG_4358

In previous days, I also had a chance to relax and recoup. After two weeks of being on the road, it sure starts to catch up to you. Luckily the hotels usually have a nice gym and spa to unwind in. This isn’t to say I didn’t find myself wandering the city at some point following. In fact one of my favorite things to do in each city is to walk around and admire each building’s structure, in hopes to discover the story behind it all. The Cathedrals are often favored, as well as the ringing bell towers above. I simply can’t get enough of the spires, gorgeous statues and ancient architecture.

IMG_4356 IMG_4363 IMG_4348 IMG_4357  IMG_4343 IMG_4344

Something uncommon about Munich was the statue we found right outside of our hotel. It wasn’t like any other we had seen. Surrounding its premise was a massive memorial for no other than Michael Jackson. The photos hung up around the base were classic, representing each part of his life. It is said that he stayed at this hotel many times while traveling, and so they wished to pay tribute to his legacy. How iconic.



Okay now I know I said the last venue was my favorite, although each location is special in it’s own way (it even deserves a post of it’s own). When we arrived at Olympiahalle for the first time, I couldn’t help but marvel at its exquisite and distinct arrangement. As if the outside wasn’t creative enough, the way that the seating is set up is absolutely beautiful. It felt like an actual arena, as the audience rose above and around us. In the end as Helene closes the show with her hit ‘Atemlos,’ the acoustic version lit up the room with people joining in all around. It was magical and something I will always remember. Even though this moment is always special to us, this time it was different. Here, everyone in the venue seemed to be a part of the production of the show.

photo credit: @helene_fischer_86

IMG_4332 IMG_4334   IMG_4432 IMG_4335

Check out the history of the venue here, back to when it was created for the Olympics in Munich in 1972.



Until next time!
I’ll give you a clue of where we are now: It is Germany’s fourth largest city, housing Europe’s first city University which is the nation’s largest to date.

It sure is a beauty.

Be back soon 🙂

Much love,


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