Cologne ( Köln ), Germany with it’s magnificent Cathedral & shocking news!

Oh Cologne, how interesting you were: from magnificence, to splendor and even devastation. This city in Germany houses one of the most distinguished Cathedrals in the world. Passing by, you can’t help but stop and stare at it from all angles, for a good length of time. They say after hundreds of years, it still is not finished and may never be complete due to the possibility of it crumbling. That being said, its deterioration – and the survival of 14 aerial bombs during World War II – only adds to its brilliance. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Kölner Dom
Kölner Dom

IMG_4568    IMG_4582   IMG_4711   IMG_4560

Between marveling at this place of worship on a daily basis, I also really enjoyed the shopping in and around this area. Although everything is closed in Germany on Sunday’s I still found myself walking around, planning where I would return the following day. A couple of the girls and I walked to a nearby natural foods store, which really made me feel at home. Soon after I found myself in this darling store full of clothes, jewelry and décor. One of my favorite items of purchase was a small purple teacup with a gold handle, as well as some vintage looking earrings. I even found a makeup tutorial book full of different looks for any eye. If you know anything about me, you know how excited I was to see the Akram Khan Company poster hanging on a nearby roadway:

IMG_4671    IMG_4651

Might I add that Cologne (Koln) seemed to be famous for distinctive hand cut jewelry, gourmet chocolates and flower stands. Okay so this may just be what I noticed and was into, however I think this may catch any female’s eye. If you gents want to know anything about a lady, it’s that we always want these things. With chocolate and jewelry in hand, you may very well win a girl’s heart.

IMG_4660   IMG_4667 IMG_4592    IMG_4593   IMG_4668

Not to disregard the interest I found in the local Deutschland soccer jerseys and anything to do with sports. To see the look on our face’s as we returned to the hotel to find American football on the big screen, was quite a site. You better believe we stayed up to watch that game late into the night.


The shows went rather well in Cologne (Köln), with extra clean up rehearsals to tweak small elements. Even our drummer let us play a couple of small percussion instruments backstage. For the most part we enjoyed the Arena and it’s high up seating, immersed inside of this large venue. That is until we found many of our things missing after the last show…. As the boy’s returned to their dressing rooms following the performance, unfortunately they found all of their valuables were gone. Anything from a laptop, to passports, wallets, cologne (really) and cell phones were stolen from the male dancer holding room. You can imagine we were all rather upset in trying to solve this puzzling misfortune. Thankfully our hairdresser had been in the girl’s room looking after things.


IMG_4629  IMG_4624  IMG_4692     IMG_4686    IMG_4707

After a long night, I decided to wake up and once again return to the Cathedral. This time I climbed the large tower leading to the bells and above. Now that is what I call a workout with my legs burning after each spiraling step. While the highest point of the church is 157,31 meters, I believe I was around 97,25 meters high. Looking down at the river and bridge below made the long trek all worthwhile. It is quite the site and I am so happy I committed to make the climb.

IMG_4603   IMG_4649 IMG_4736   IMG_4718   IMG_4725   IMG_4739  IMG_4862  IMG_4740  IMG_4872   IMG_4865    IMG_4822  IMG_4862

yes I had a photo shoot in the rafters on the rooftop lol

IMG_4875  IMG_4877

I must also give a HUGE shout out to our physiotherapist Andreas Stommel! He is most definitely saving our lives here in Germany by repairing our bodies as needed before each show.

Well now we are off again and we only have three more cities to visit and perform in. I really can’t believe it. It’s all going by rather fast. Talk to you in a couple of days.




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