The simplicity of Mannheim, Germany

Mannheim ended up being one of those relaxing cities, simply because it’s inevitable at any point during the tour. The night we arrived, a few of us went out to eat after our journey while admiring our surroundings. Our hotel happened to be right next to the landmark of the city: The Wasserturm aka Water Tower. Reigning atop of the water reservoir is the Greek Goddess Amphitrite, wife of sea God Poseidon. The base of the tower is adorned with two stone centaurs, mermen, Triton and his sirens. As fascinated as I am by Greek mythology, it didn’t seem to be a coincidence that it rained almost the entire time we were in town.

IMG_5061   IMG_5064   IMG_5048   IMG_5062  IMG_5055  IMG_5071   IMG_5112    IMG_5114

IMG_4951    IMG_4947  38d7ef50dba3faf100617df03c3e26fe

The rest of the city is laid out in a grid system, similar to Manhattan where the coordinates are comparable to a game of battle ship. Therefore the tower not only acts as a symbol but a directional sign to be seen throughout the city. What is called art nouveau style is seen throughout, while the symbol is right near an art museum housing Beethoven and Mozart’s work.

IMG_5089   IMG_5103   IMG_5068   IMG_5070


To my liking, I quickly found the nearest natural foods store as well as the closest Starbucks. Now don’t get my wrong I love trying new things and I’m always eager to get keep my palate alive; however being so far away, sometimes you just need a small taste of home. When Christmas comes early and the aroma draws you near, I can’t help but go in to see what I can find. Ginger tea, almond butter and toffee nut coffee seemed to be winners on my list. Following, I found myself in the gym at the hotel discovering hidden doors and creepy hiding places. For whatever reason, many of us decided the hotel was haunted, staying up late into the night to avoid crazy dreams reoccurring.

IMG_4954   IMG_5122   IMG_4978    IMG_4975  IMG_4983

As far as the show goes, I just cannot believe it’s already coming to an end. Although I’ve been here close to a month now, it feels as if it has been no time at all. In fact I wouldn’t mind continuing on for a bit longer, although I haven’t been here working nearly as long as the others. There are only FIVE more shows and TWO cities for us on the Farbenspiel Live Tour with Helene Fischer! At this point I have been added into every element of the show, with the final piece being Feurwerk from the WINTER segment.

IMG_5165    IMG_5166   IMG_5037    IMG_5128

In case you’re unfamiliar with the show it is broken down into the four seasons. As Helene takes you along the ride it is rather magical and filled with her sweet spirit. If you’d like to take a look inside, visit the Farbenspiel Facebook page and watch the newest videos on stage and behind the scenes. The show of course finishes with her biggest hit Atemlos, while the entire stadium is singing along. It’s quite a site looking out among thousands of people; many dressed in white, with their phones out showing their love and admiration for such a special soul.

Photo by Oleg Rool Roven



As I mentioned, we have a lot schedule in the week ahead. I’ll send you updates on our plans very soon. Until then we are amidst a long bus journey, with potential train strikes and traffic. Oddly I never mind these drives, since they seem to go by so quickly. For now I’ll admire the scenery while we reach our next destination for two more shows, before we travel to our LAST city together as a team.

before the show
before the show
after the show
after the show

danke schön

Thanks for reading!

With love,


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