Hamburg, Germany at its finest <3

Oh Hamburg you sure are charming. This had to be one of my favorite stops on the tour. It seemed to have the perfect amount of everything, from shops to sites and cute hotels. The location we were staying at was a boutique hotel called Henri’s. Basically it was like a home away from home, with a cozy kitchen and fifty’s style décor. You could help yourself to some late night treats, hang out in the living room of a lobby and stare out the window all day without any interruption.

IMG_5296  IMG_5242  IMG_5524

Fortunately I hardly wanted to stay inside, due to the excitement of the city. The shops were all so unique and perfect, with a tad bit of familiarity here and there. As you pass by a Starbucks and H & M on your way to a chic designer store, you can’t help but smile. It’s fall time, I’m in a beautiful city, and I could want nothing more. I even happened to find a new friend who had moved to Germany from Texas of all places! Now that really had me grinning.

IMG_5335    IMG_5553   IMG_5272     IMG_5364

Not to mention there is always at least one magnificent building that leaves you staring in amazement at it’s opulence. This time it was the Town Hall building, towering high and long in the center of the city. The green roof that had once been bronze was rather brilliant, as well as the courtyard inside. Of course you’ll find the usual train station and beer garden, along with a soccer store, tea and antique shops. Next to the town building, the massive river lined by adorable restaurants really caught my eye. Getting lost in an old jewelry store with trinkets from all over the world – Indian, Arabic, and Native American – wasn’t half bad either.

IMG_5339   IMG_5358   IMG_5359  IMG_5286  IMG_5547 IMG_5550

Now comes show time. This is always quite the event in our day, for obvious reasons. We usually leave the hotel around 3 or 4, depending on what needs to be rehearsed or altered. Since we were filming the DVD in Hamburg, we left even earlier to have things set up just right. Luckily we had an amazing audience and the O2 World venue was quite the scene. The camera and production crew had cameras set up all over, moving along; while one moved in and around us like a spider on it’s web. That was like nothing I had ever seen, and it all seemed to match quite perfectly with the overall performance.

with the band before the show
with the band before the show  

IMG_5463   IMG_5476IMG_5465  IMG_5467  IMG_5464  IMG_5466  best partner ever

One of my favorite moments before the show is warming up on stage after we get ready. A few of us girls head to our own separate parts of the floor, headphones in, taking our own time to prepare our bodies. It’s a bit magical getting lost in your own movement, seeing the audience file in through the curtain, and starting to feel all of that excited energy.

Immediately following, we head backstage to form a large circle with all of the performers. Helene welcomes us each individually, while the band and dancers join her in a song. Then we cheer and run to our places. It’s all pretty special from beginning to end, and I really can’t believe its already coming to a close. This last week we have A LOT to do. We’ll be rehearsing for an award show as we travel to the next city for the end of tour party and our LAST THREE shows. Crazy! Well stay tuned because I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to share with you.


IMG_5427   IMG_4541 IMG_5499

Chow for now!

Much love


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