The final shows, Berlin & the Bambi’s in Germany

What a WEEK! There was so much that happened in our five days in Berlin, I may just need two posts to touch on all of it. Monday we arrived in the city pretty earlier and had a few hours to meander around before our tour party. We all gathered together at a charming little restaurant, near the venue. Here we shared hors d’oeuvres, fine food and a really good time. We celebrated each other and of course Helene, the one who makes it all possible. After some drinks and many photos, we mingled about. I ordered the lamb, which I must say was divine along with the vegan dish. Then we headed to the ‘dark room’ for some dancing. Of course we couldn’t pass this up! I must say I think the dancers were the only ones who were excited about this portion of the festivities. Following we all had a bite of dessert and headed back to the hotel, since we knew we had to get to work the next day.

IMG_5711     IMG_5677    IMG_5587 IMG_5601    \    IMG_5648   IMG_5644

Tuesday and Wednesday were devoted to rehearsing for the Bambi’s Award Show.

Luckily Tuesday night we had some time to ourselves, and a couple of us girls headed out for some Sushi. Mmm mm good. We of course went to the natural foods store, a few fun local shops, Christmas boutiques, and souvenir stores, while we couldn’t pass up that European chocolate.

IMG_5919   IMG_5740   IMG_6014    IMG_5968      IMG_5570

Beginning early on Wednesday morning we had: an extra dancer rehearsal, blocking and a run through on stage at the venue for the Bambi’s, AND the tour show. After 15 hours of work, I’m not sure how we made it all happen. It must have been the people we work with who made it possible.

Oh yes! In addition to the long hours, our Music Director ended up becoming ill from the food he ate. Although he played the first half of the show, he could hardly breathe and was forced to leave during intermission. They ran him to the hospital in order to remove something that had been lodged in his esophagus. Meanwhile our keyboard player took over on the piano. It was SO cool to see everyone in the band come together and pull it off. We sure had fun working as a team to make things work, and I must say the sight of him sitting at the piano with an accordion in his lap was rather amazing.

IMG_5827  IMG_5499

Thursday we were able to run everything on stage again with Helene, before the performance that night. Since the Bambi’s started at 8 pm, we were able to postpone the tour show one hour. Our performance was broadcast Live at the o2 World Arena; while we opened the award show and had shuttles straight to the arena directly following. Helene even wore here outfit from this performance, straight to the stage.

IMG_6051    IMG_6055

In case you missed it, our Bambi performance featured the German soccer team, whom recently won the World Cup. Bastian Schweinsteiger – who was one of the stars of the game – presented at the award show and we were able to meet him for a quick second. This was great news, since my little brother specifically requested I get a photo with him. We even wore their jerseys for our performance of ‘Atemlos’ with Ms. Helene Fischer.


As soon as we arrived to the o2 venue, we changed and were on stage almost immediately. Although we didn’t gather up in our usual circle before the show, I must say the energy we had was unlike no other. We were all so amped from the previous performance that we must have not needed that extra oomph.

IMG_5797     IMG_5794   IMG_5929IMG_5957     IMG_5956

Bambi’s performance 2014:

The LAST show of the tour was bittersweet. Everyone arrived early so that Helene could greet us with a sweet tea party and gifts. Honestly she could not be more amazing! Together we had hot drinks and dessert. It was very special and touching for all of us. We joined in our last circle as a family and wished each other love and good luck. On stage it was basically a party. The girls hugged Helene during a special moment and everyone gave their very best. At the close of the show, the crew and everyone involved in the making of the show, rushed the stage with us. As we bounced around and cheered each other on, the dancers finished our choreography and shared in this special moment with the entire production. Honestly it was hard to see it end. I feel like I had just arrived!


IMG_5846 IMG_5843

IMG_5871    IMG_6106


Photos by:

< Andrea Roth |  Julia Hassler | @helene_fischer_86 >

After the show we said our goodbyes and wished each other well. Since many of our flights were early the next morning we didn’t stay out too late. Regardless, I had such a hard time waking up that I almost missed my flight! No kidding. I woke up at 6:30 am (opposed to 5 am), rushed downstairs to gratefully find a cab. Although my bag broke in the lobby, I made it to my gate just in time. As stressful as this was, I was very thankful for everyone who assisted me on my way. I was able to make it safely to our connecting flight and eventually home! Still I cannot believe I am home and was able to experience such an amazing whirlwind. I wouldn’t change it for the world and I would definitely do it all over again. Thank you to everyone who made this tour possible!

Helene you’re unbelievable.

To her fans: you make everything possible.

The crew and production – we couldn’t do it without you.

Our band, always had be smiling.

And the dancers…. I love you guys and already miss you all dearly!



Take a look & stay tuned for the DVD release:

Bye bye

Until next time


Sydney S.

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  1. Charles Milton Ling says:

    Dear Sydney,

    Thank you so much for sharing so many of your impressions with us in such a personal way. (In my case, I was especially interested in the Helene Fischer Tour: that is how I came to find your weblog, which I shall naturally continue to read in the future!). I am really sorry I wasn’t able to get tickets for one of the shows here in Vienna, but happy, I suppose, that Helene can sell out pretty much anything in record time!

    I wish you all the best and look forward to reading more from you.


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