Adjusting back to life in LA

Well I must say the adjustment back to life in LA has not been easy. I mean every time I want to sleep through the night I wake up at 4 am in a panic. Then after a day of shows, I come home and am out by 9 pm. It is rather funny. Sincerely I tried to go to two nighttime events and didn’t make it because what I thought would be a five minute nap, turned into a full on slumber, fully clothed, with makeup and lights fully on. My body simply doesn’t know when to sleep nor eat at the moment. I’m sure it’ll figure itself out soon.

Other than that, I’ve been able to get right back into everything else. The day after I returned, I was back at Disney performing five shows a day and boy was I woozy. Although the first show about killed me, I was fine for the rest of the day. Monday I was thankfully back in rehearsals with LACDC for the upcoming winter show. In the days following I continued to rehearse and even set choreography as well. I found myself working out at Equinox once and even twice a day. Yoga, Pilates and the barre class have been my best friends this week. Don’t worry I also had some fun on top of all of that!

IMG_6120      IMG_6177

Thursday night I drove down with a friend of mine to work. Afterwards we weren’t so keen on sitting in traffic, so we decided to explore a little. We found ourselves at our company store and began to create festive décor for our homes! Let me tell you, this was too much fun. I found some sparkly leaves, green, brown and gold in color. My dear friend discovered red hangings, ornaments and plants of all kinds. Before we hopped on the road we headed to a favorite nearby café and bar called The Gypsy Den. Here we grabbed some spiced chai and headed to the car, while we stopped at a ‘Pinterest like’ store on the way.

IMG_6272   IMG_6289  images

Of course I had to make my weekly visit to Blushington, to see all of the new holiday products they have in stock. I got my makeup done by Jaime with a lilac eye, and pale pink lip. It’s always so much fun being pampered and learning new tricks! My newest favorite item is the SOLID makeup brush cleaner by beautyblender. I’m telling you it is the BEST purchase you could make if you’re a performer, a female or anyone who has to paint your face regularly (haha). The new Stila and Jouer line of products are absolutely amazing. I suggest you all go in to check them out!

IMG_6327    IMG_6339

IMG_6338    IMG_6337 IMG_6344

The weekend has been dedicated to one of my best mate’s Brendan! Since he will be leaving us soon (don’t even get me started on how difficult this is), we had to celebrate his existence! Friday night we had some fun, while Saturday was a nice brunch with friends. Together we gathered at a cute place in West Hollywood named TART. It is right across the street from The Grove! How convenient is that? I had never even noticed it there before. They have the most amazing food and service alike. I would suggest the crab cakes benedict. Oh yes and their drinks aren’t half bad either 😉 They even serve coffee from your very own French press! So cute. If you happen to come prepared, you may get half off of your meal by jumping in the pool fully clothed! If you jump in with a phone (bring an old one), then everything is on the house!! What a deal eh? It is also near a really sweet boutique hotel, and the lounging area is so cozy. I’m telling you, you’ve got to check it out ASAP! It will not disappoint. Oh and make sure to wander around The Grove afterwards. Since it’s the holidays, everything is even more magical and there are always lots of events going on for all ages.

Open for brunch 7 am to 4 pm daily!

IMG_6358   IMG_6371IMG_6373    IMG_6376



Be back soon


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