New fun photos and more work days!

What a fun start to my week!

Monday I was able to travel North to shoot with Alex Valladares once again. Thankfully I met him through a good friend of mine Ms. Katie Reese, who has an endless supply of gorgeous photos. I’m glad she was willing to share his talents with me and I always have a fun time working with him.

This one is a bit more casual, and emulating fall time. Okay so it may not be a Utah fall but it’s as close as I can get. Lucky for me I travel home tonight and I couldn’t’ be more excited! I must say I miss all of my Utah photographer friends as well. Nonetheless I am so happy to find new people to work with out here in LA.

Here is a quick peek:

IMG_6567    IMG_6602     IMG_6609      IMG_6610        IMG_6611    IMG_6605    IMG_6514

I also had the pleasure of filming a pilot this week for an upcoming show. Although I cannot give details or release any kind of information, I will say it has a fun twist with lots of surprises. Oh and it may or may not have been shot in Malibu. Spending the morning near the beach, with a beautiful view and perfect weather is nothing to complain about. Of course I also spent my nights rehearsing with LACDC. My time with them is always something I look forward to. Truly they make living here a whole lot easier.

IMG_6562 IMG_6563
Tonight I’m headed home to Utah and I couldn’t’ be more excited. I get to see my boys SO soon and I will be spending plenty of time with my BFF aka Mom. Updates coming soon!


Muah and have a happy holiday!!

Sydney S.


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