A UTAH Thanksgiving

For the holiday, I had the pleasure of spending time in Utah with my family! I swear to you I’ve never been this excited to travel home. Although I am always eager to see my people, this time was different; I had just been a big adventure and I couldn’t wait to share it with some familiar faces. When I’m home, it feels as if I never have enough time with the ones I love. I am just thankful for the time that I do have with them, even if it’s just for what seems like a millisecond.

my home
my home

Wednesday after work I raced to the airport to hop on a flight home. As my family greeted me I was all-smiles. I couldn’t wait to give them the gifts I had chosen for them, while overseas. I thought out each one so carefully and individually, that I hope they enjoy them! Either way, I had a fun time finding gifts for my favorite people, and a couple for myself as well.

The morning of Thanksgiving, my Mom, brother and I took our usual long hike up the hill and around our place. We usually end up in a nearby park, with the most incredible view. From one side you can see Utah Lake, while to the right (if facing out) is the dazzling Mount Timpanogos. At this time of year, with the snowcapped peaks, you can’t help but marvel at it in awe. Sometimes I forget how much I miss these crazy summits that tower high above.

IMG_6687_2   IMG_6694_2    IMG_6677_2   IMG_6668_2

Afterwards we prepared for the feast, gazing at the dessert section of the table all the while. We ate the usual homemade essential thanksgiving foods – stuffing, turkey, roles, potatoes, etc. – yet my Mom managed to add a whole new slice of flavor to the list: brussels sprouts, pickled asparagus and gingerbread sweet potato cake! Might I add that a local restaurant called Communal (knock off of Sundance itself), gave us a bit of assistance. If you are in Utah, and you haven’t visited this place yet, I highly suggest that you do. Yes they were the genius behind the gingerbread, and I must say this was my personal favorite. Other desserts included: traditional pumpkin pie, apple crisp, peanut butter wonder, and many more. Oh and the chocolate covered cinnamon bears I was greeted with while walking through the door, was a definite win for me. That’s just because they’re my favorite.


IMG_6704 IMG_6706_2 IMG_6724

Actually before dessert we headed out to see a movie. Can you guess which one? Okay of course it was Hunger Games because we are totally obsessed. Not only is it amazing (yes all of them, I don’t care what any of you say), I also happen to apparently have the same personality as Ms. Katniss. Okay yea this sounds crazy, but if you’ve ever taken the Briggs-Myers personality test than you know exactly what I mean. This girl is incredibly misunderstood. Not only is she one of the hardest people to figure out, she hardly wishes to show emotion unless horribly irked, and she can never seem to make up her mind. The boy situation is also always a mystery, she lives in her head, and she will speak up only when something stresses a great deal of importance. Hello…. Me! The movie ends up being a kind of self-study and I find that extremely interesting.

Anyway enough of that, following the movie we finally ate dessert, and finished our day by watching the Seahawks VS 49ers game! Yes we are a football family and although I thought I had the biggest crush on Mr. Kaepernick, I can’t help but say I am wildly impressed with Russell Wilson and his kind-hearted gestures. I really shouldn’t be dating these athletes anymore though… I swear it only leads to destruction.

IMG_6719_2   IMG_6715_2  taylor

{ Sky isn’t a fan of photos apparently – missing our sweet Taylor }

Friday morning we all went to the Recreation Center in Provo to work out. Oh boy did I need that! Watching my brother’s play basketball while doing cardio was quite a treat for me. Before heading up to Salt Lake, we stopped by my favorite coffee shop Juice ‘n Java for our favorite drinks and even some ground coffee to take home.

IMG_6728_2   IMG_6744

In SLC we went to City Creek for some Black Friday shopping and admired the holiday decorations, as well as the nearby Mormon Temple. Whether you’re a part of this church or not, this is always quite the site. Then we stopped by our favorite restaurant downtown called the Red Rock Brewing Co. This is another place you all need to visit if you happen to be in the Beehive State. Everything on the menu is absolutely amazing, I promise you it wont upset. I would have to suggest the warm shrimp salad and any steak of theirs is great.

IMG_6761  IMG_6758


redrock     IMG_6773_2

Following we drove around admiring my old home. Going to school in Salt Lake City for four years really brings back memories. It really is something. In fact it makes me miss it all! There was so much I learned about myself in this time, and I sure had some growing up to do. Although life is a constant journey, my time in college still remains one of my proudest and most enjoyable moments. I wouldn’t change it for the world and I’m thankful for the moments I had and where they have led me to now.

IMG_6794_2     IMG_6745 Photo taken from the University of Utah Instagram. Shot by Shannon Moore. It’s just so much cooler than the one I attempted to take.


This year I am grateful for:

-My family (always) – the most amazing supporters and examples to me

-My job and talents

-The opportunity to travel and explore

-Everyone I have met in my life thus far, whether pleasant or not

-The arts & creativity

-My self improvement I’ve had, no matter how small

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I apologize for the lengthiness of this post. It just so happens I’m sitting in a deserted airport, waiting for a delayed flight and my mind is bursting with energy.

Ta ta!

Until next time,

Sydney S

IMG_6841 I stole this photo from a friend of mine Juliar Caar (Discrete Headwear). It happens to be the perfect representation of the beauty you can experience when i’m home in Utah!

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