A weekend of laughs…

What a perfectly FUN weekend I had with some of my favorites!

It is nothing but rainy days here in L.A. this week, which calls for a celebration. We haven’t had rain in months and we are in dire need of the water. In fact if it rained for a month straight, I still don’t think we’d have enough. Luckily I love this kind of weather and we found the perfect activities to be a part of indoors, splashing in puddles all the way.

After work on Saturday, Miss Katie Reese invited me to join her at a nearby Comedy Club. This laugh factory is called Ha Ha Cafe and boy is it a ball. You’ll find it right on Lankershim in North Hollywood, almost directly across from Millennium Dance Complex. We happened to be there on All Star night, where every comedian was absolutely hilarious. I literally have never laughed harder in my life, even when they were individually making fun of our group. Katie and I may or may not have had a couple of man friends with us, and man was it funny to see them being called out on the spot.

IMG_6866 { stolen from KR IG }


Thankfully tickets are cheap: you can get them for $20 at the door as long as you arrive 30 minutes before or $15 online (which I suggest since they sell out fast).

The host was a definite favorite of mine – Iganacio Serricchio– as well as Mr. Godfrey. You can view the lineup on their website for any given night and last week they were running for seven nights!

IMG_7070   IMG_6893


The perfect place for a date night and a fun laugh with the girls!!

Then to follow…..

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