….. friends, fun and praise!

On Sunday I went with my Aussies to our usual Mosaic weekly service. I honestly look forward to this every week and this time happened to be rather special. Since the Christmas parade was happening down Hollywood Blvd., we had to relocate to Club Nokia at LA Live aka the Staples Center. Not only were we in a bigger space, the night sessions were combined AND there was ice skating and hot chocolate outside before we came in! Umm yes please, now we can officially say it’s December.


IMG_6943   IMG_6944


Now if you’re religious or not this place is for YOU. I mean it. All kinds of people are welcome. The pastor himself says we have a higher number of atheist’s than ever before. I don’t want to give away too much, because really it is just an experience you need to have for yourself. Either way, I know that there is no better way to start/end my week. I never feel the same without it, and if anything it is the perfect way to meet people of your some age and interest.

Seriously CHECK IT OUT:


IMG_6924    IMG_6921

{   mōˈzāik/    a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole }


If you want to know the best place to have dinner and wander around before any of these events, you’ve got to go to the Los Angeles Arts District Downtown. Here we grabbed some food from a constant of mine: Urth Caffé. Although I’ve been to this restaurant in Santa Monica and on Melrose many times before, i’d say this one is my favorite. It’s just so cute and cozy, and I love that it’s a bit buried away. The walls surrounding are brick, colored in all kinds of swirls of art. You can spot words written here and there that you can’t help but wonder about it’s meaning. Around the corner is a Flea Market that looks like a lot of fun. During the holidays there are lights hung up all down these alleyways. It is quite the hidden gem, highly worth exploring.

Here’s a guide to some of their best spots: http://www.timeout.com/los-angeles/things-to-do/things-to-do-in-los-angeles-neighborhood-guide-to-downtowns-arts-district

IMG_6900    IMG_6908    IMG_6911    IMG_7018  PS the Chai Latte is from Crave which is perfect for this weather


{ Yes we managed to have a photoshoot in the rain, with a timer camera and a burnt out street light hehe }

IMG_6965 IMG_7006 IMG_7014 IMG_7017

These two are the best dates I could ever ask for. Introducing my marvelous Aussie mates Brendan Yeates and Shane Collard (not for the first or last time by any means, no matter how far they may be).

Hope you enjoyed! Now I am back into a week full of training. Workouts, classes and show updates coming soon!


IMG_7029 { edited by B }

Love, Syd

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