My recent training regimen

There’s nothing that makes me happier than a full-week of training. It makes me feel so fulfilled and as if I am constantly bettering myself. From workouts, ballet classes and rehearsals, I’m really starting to get back into the swing of things. Honestly it’s difficult when I am (and we all are) constantly working, although it’s necessary in order to really take care of oneself. As a dancer, it’s all just a part of what we do.

IMG_7039    IMG_7126

Here’s a bit how my schedule looked like this last week:


Ballet class @ Millennium

Revolution in motion (explanation below)

Rehearsal with LACDC


Pilates at Equinox with Aaron Porter

Yoga tune up


Pointe work

My Equifit fitness assessment and evaluation

Overnight rehearsal at Disney


Individual training session – Kettlebells and Bosu balls

Roll out and rest


Ballet class and freestyle

A bit of cardio and lunge poles

IMG_7114     IMG_7041

I love taking ballet at MDC because it’s near my house, there are all different ages and levels and it is always the BEST workout. My favorite thing is when my friend Christian Beasley subs class, because I love admiring his facility. Thankfully I get to dance alongside him often with L.A. Contemporary Dance Company. Not to mention we have a show coming up NEXT WEEK!!

For Info & Tickets:


As far as fitness goes, I really like to mix things up. With my body type I really can’t do anything with too much weight or impact. Pilates is my go-to workout of choice for any day of the week. Equinox has a great program in California, while Studio Physiques is the studio that I go to in Utah. I’m trying a new location in Studio City next week, so I will let you know how that goes. If you’re a dancer, a mover, an athlete, or you have any kind of normal wear and tear on your body; you definitely need to try the Pilates reformer as soon as possible. Nothing makes my body feel better, especially with how the machines are designed to change the resistance for every individual body.

IMG_7075    IMG_7078   IMG_7076

Yoga always gives me a good stretch. Lengthening my muscles is always a goal of mine since they have a tendency to be compact. As far as revolution in motion goes: this is a workout that involves balancing and jumping from the BOSU (pictured). Again it is low impact, it never stops and it really tests your balance and agility, while challenging your core and total body alignment. Individually I also experimented with kettlebell work (I need one for myself), ropes and an abdominal exercise on the ball (killer).

IMG_7050   IMG_7051

Kettlebells – swings, step ups and over-heads

Ropes – swing back and forth and up and down as fast as possible

Ball – sit against the wall, back on ball and straighten and bend legs out & in, holding

IMG_7169   IMG_7172   IMG_7171   IMG_7176

As far as feeling fitter and finer, I have a NEW secret for you! Okay it has nothing to do with working out, although this always helps to start out. Eating well is great too, but I wont get into that for this post. Lately I’ve been dressing up, going out and wandering around town on my own. This may seem silly, but sometimes it just feels SO good. I put on my favorite outfit, go out to the mall and I trot around in adoration. It’s funny how this can change your whole mood, and when you feel good, you present yourself differently and I promise you exude a lot better vibes. It’s a fun experiment, I suggest you all try it.

IMG_7311      IMG_7312

I suggest The Americana or The Grove for your ‘me date.’ It’s the perfect thing for Christmas time!

Chow! Be back soon.

With love,


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