Foodie – new dining spots and cold remedies :

Recently I’ve discovered a few unique spots to feast upon. Whether you’re going out for a nice casual dinner or you’re on the go: I’ve got some news for you!

Downtown there’s a nice little place called Luna Park, located right off of La Brea. It’s really hip, with a calm atmosphere to dine. There’s a large selection of dishes for dinner, as well as a brunch menu on weekend days. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, with an assortment of nutriment for any taste bud. My personal favorites are the seared sesame crusted Ahi Tuna, roasted cauliflower, and the brussel sprouts + butternut squash (GF). These dishes are all individual starters, although the entrees (specifically the jerk marinated chicken) all sound amazing as well. Remember to ask for Derek at the bar, and I promise you’ll have a good time!

Weekly restaurant hours: They are open every day around 11 am and close just before midnight. Weekdays are a bit earlier, while Sunday is an early 9 pm.

Check it out!

IMG_7661    IMG_7662


My newest CRAZE is The Harvest Bar in Sherman Oaks. Now this isn’t any old ‘bar’ per say, or at least it’s not what I was thinking. This gem is known for it’s acai bowls; signature and of your choice. You can pick your base, and then any variety of toppings. There’s sweet, tropical, protein style and the nutritious greens. On top you can have anything from fruit, to seeds, nuts and even quinoa. There is a hot version for the quinoa bowls as well, along with any of these options as a smoothie.


Although they all look amazing, my bowl of choice was the signature protein bowl with peanut butter and hemp protein. If you need a boost, I’d say go with the Energizer, which has yummy pumpkin seeds! Did I mention there are juices with chia seeds too?? Mmmm it’s all so so good. Everything is made fresh with care, and you can drop by on your way to and from the gym. It’s the perfect pick-me-up and oh so light, even though the portions are huge! Make sure and say hello to the owner for me 🙂

Take a look below:

IMG_7802   IMG_7799    IMG_7798

IMG_7797     IMG_7794

If you happen to be getting sick this winter season, I’ll tell you what is the perfect trick for a cold. At EarthBar they serve these ‘cold and sinus shots,’ zapping any bit of congestion in minutes. I’m telling you it is the perfect antidote. There are juices that are a cold kicker as well, but the horseradish and ginger in this quick little sip we’ll have you back to normal in no time! I must advise you that the shot is STRONG, and you’ll definitely need something to chase it down with unless you take it in doses. My suggestion would be to down it all at once and chase it with some lemon water  🙂

IMG_7947    IMG_7946

Lastly, I mustn’t forget my usual Pressed Juicery cleanse. If anything has me feeling my best – by flushing out all of those toxins – it’s this! Of course if you don’t have access to this particular inventory, there’s always a juice shop nearby that can get you back to normal. In my case, I tend to try them all!


Ta ta for now! There’s a new coffee shop blog I’ve discovered that I’d love to lead you to very soon. Otherwise, our LACDC shows went extremely well and we had a ball of fun! Next I’ll be sharing details on my latest group shoot, and plans for the next week before the big holiday!

Much love and happy eating!


S y D

P.S. All of these places were inspired by Brendan leaving, as we celebrated his time here. Thanks B!

IMG_7875  muah

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