Group shoot – Time for the Holidays!

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of being involved in a group shoot with some awesome people. We were sited at the Echosworld studio loft location for photography in the Arts District downtown. This is a beautiful space, providing exceptional lighting, dressing areas and props available for your use. Honestly you could spend all day in there experimenting, just as we did. Our splendid photographer was again Alex Valladares aka AJV Fotoworks. Check out elements from the shoot and his website here:

Echosworld Photography

1340 E. 6th Street unit 627

Los Angeles,  CA 90021

Phone: (747) 777-3448

Each of us had time of our own with the photographer, including coupled and any number of group shots. Lucky for me I got to spend the day with my girl Katie Reese, documenting behind the scenes and being silly all the while. As far as the male in our group, he was ‘stuck’ occupying hours on end with four different ladies. Okay so you can’t tell me that is not a fun day for any straight guy {hah}. Working with friends is always such a delight. I am fortunate enough to have amazing friends here, whom I always want to be around. It may be difficult living in LA, as not everyone is here to stay forever. Either way I’m grateful for every moment with these special people, and I am so happy to have found such lovely people to share my time with.

Here are a few examples of Sunday’s FUN 🙂







IMG_8701      IMG_8544




Next i’ll be posting about holiday parties and fun Christmas outings with friends. Stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by.

With love,

Sydney S.



Sydney Sorenson

Katie Reese

Nick Felton

Alexandria Fresque

Rosemary Lopez

Photographer: Alex Valladares 


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