Holiday Festivities from sunny Los Angeles ~

Tis the season for parties, and winter festivities. Living in LA makes for slightly inventive celebrations to the holiday season. Since we only experience one season all year round, the concept of snow is not exactly understood. Although we have ready-made ice skating rinks in various locations, there’s no place for sledding, building snowmen or snowshoeing through the forest. Luckily I have time at home to make up for all of these activities. Nonetheless we’ve started to create our own rituals for this time of year.

IMG_8535    { gypsy den }

For me personally there have been many girls’ outings! This is one of my favorite things, considering I’m single and all about the female ventures; nights full of shopping, dinners and chats about future adventures and plans. I’ll dress up and head out to any number of the following:

IMG_8585      IMG_8618

Blushington to start off the glam

The Grove or the Americana for shopping

A friend’s place for that cozy homelike feel

Studio City outings, namely: The Black Market on Ventura Blvd. for simple FUN

IMG_8677    IMG_8671

This year’s holiday parties have been comprised of:


Homemade tree murals

Apple cider


Jewelry hunts

White elephants

Frock swaps

Christmas wear

Colorful food

and a LOT of laughs

IMG_8726      IMG_8711

{ best craft idea ever }

IMG_8723       IMG_8608

IMG_8801   { can’t forget the magic }

BIG Thanks to cool guy Gerald, funny gal Lauren, sweet stuff Kellen and my girl Ashley for making the last couple of weeks SO inviting and exciting. Cheers to you all and everyone who was involved in the celebrations.

As far as my family goes…. read on! Yay for snow!

{ more to share }

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