…to the gorgeous mountains and cold nights a part of a Utah Christmas

There really is nothing like a white Utah Christmas. From the snow, to resorts, adventures with my brothers, visiting grandma and Skyping our missionary; I know that I will always end up back home for the holidays. Even when it is 80 degrees and sunny in California, there’s no place I’d rather be than here.



I flew into town late on the 23rd after working a full day in the hot sun. Coming home to a brrr 28 degrees and snowflakes on the way, was nothing shy of pure excitement. Waking up Christmas Eve to my brother’s and a long walk with my Mom was just what I was hoping for. I have to say staying up all night watching football with my Dad wasn’t much to complain about either.


My middle brother and I got to sneak off to my Grandma’s house to visit my Mom’s parents, my aunt and her adorable little girl. Luckily she loves Minnie Mouse and I was able to surprise her with something fun. They live near the point of the Mountain – which is half way between SLC and our home – on a beautiful piece of land. You can run for acres down the hill into the gulley, and they were the first people on that bit of land for years.

IMG_8907   IMG_8856

For dinner we went up to our FAVORITE spot at Sundance resort called the Foundry Grill. This is an amazing restaurant nestled right up in the mountains, below the sky lift leading to the slopes. You can walk around and view an art studio, the owl bar, gift shop and event centers. If you drive a bit further up the hill you will find the Sundance Spa, which is quite the experience in and of-itself. Lodging and stay is available, as well as ski equipment accessible for rent.

IMG_8864       IMG_8901

IMG_8899     IMG_8898

Together we dined, admired the cozy atmosphere and reflected on years past. One of my favorite sites is the tapestry on the wall, gorgeous murals and of course the Christmas décor. Everyone, including ourselves, seemed to be dressed in some kind of flannel, sitting candle lit or by the far. You really can’t beat it. In fact I wouldn’t mind living in that kind of atmosphere forever. Yea the girl who lives in the busy bustle of Los Angeles, California.


IMG_8891     IMG_8890

IMG_8889    IMG_8888

IMG_8897       IMG_8896

IMG_8868     IMG_8892

IMG_8887     IMG_8886

IMG_8867    IMG_8906

If you haven’t visited Sundance, whether you’re from Utah or not: I highly suggest that you do. As you know it is a large part of the Film Festival here come January. Of course Park City houses most of the festival’s events, although Sundance is where it all began because of the original creation of Robert Redford himself. It is pretty darn spectacular if you ask me.

IMG_8894   IMG_8895

After seeing a movie together, we headed home to see what festive pajamas we’d be wearing this year. As soon as I finished watching Elf, it already seemed like Christmas morning. Waking up to so many incredible gifts is always a treat and not to mention a fresh blanket of SNOW. Our Santa always seems to know just what we need, constantly surpassing any expectations we may have had. The very best gift that my family receives is speaking to my brother Taylor, who is serving in Fort Myers, Florida. Now that – that is the greatest gift; especially knowing that we get to see him again this summer. Not to mention the message on the postcard he sent me for Christmas is something I will cherish forever.


See you soon angel boy. I already cannot wait for next year! Please don’t let this week come to an end.

IMG_8973  IMG_8905

Happy Holidays from Sky, Sydney, Chandler { and taylor } aka the Sorenson clan 😀

Sending Love to ALL

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