End of Year

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted my very first entry on my blog. I began writing to share. My thoughts are that sharing knowledge and our experiences are one of the most vital aspects of life. Knowledge is power. Hoarding it will only leave you stagnant. The more you distribute, the more that comes back to you in full.

I began writing to express, and to organize my thoughts. In this way I feel it is easier to understand me to the core. Although I share a lot of fun and carefree ideas, I also like to talk about the deep attributes of life.

IMG_0257   { one year ago }

Here is a quick reflection on the year that has passed:

What I worked on:

As far as DANCE & work related activities –

Two shows presented in downtown Hollywood

The Difference Between Sinking and Drowning: forming the family that this encompassed.

Daylight Come – a whirlwind of work with choreographers from all over.

IMG_1431   IMG_1677 

Various performances with the Escape Artists (who have become some of my closest friends) and L.A. Contemporary Dance Company, whom continue to inspire me and blow my mind daily.

  • LACDC’s presentation of our site-specific work on the fountain at Grand Park will always be one to remember. Not to mention that becoming an official company member was quite the honor.

IMG_7608   images

Disney and it’s magic has continued to enrich my life and keep me standing (literally). I don’t know what I’d do without the close friends I’ve made from our show at Fantasyland Theatre.


Commercials, music videos and promos have filled up my scheduled in abundance. These kind of things always keep my life fast paced and interesting.

IMG_9810  IMG_2582

IMG_1612   IMG_1242

Traveling to EUROPE completely changed my perspective on just about everything. Touring with Helene Fischer and the fellow American dancers was something that I will always treasure. I realized that all I really want to do is DANCE and TRAVEL for as long as possible.

IMG_3396    IMG_3337     IMG_4560  IMG_5952

Personally I:

Moved locations.

Became closer to the people I admire.

Missed home.

Made an ample amount of new friends.

Weeded out the false relations.

Joined a new gym.

Reconnected with old acquaintances.

Found home: aka Mosaic.

Traveled ALL over.

Reevaluated my habitual behaviors.

Danced / moved my body A LOT.

Went to the beach.

Felt loss and love.

Connected to more.

Enjoyed the details and realized where I’m headed.

IMG_7645   IMG_7267   IMG_0877   IMG_0220    IMG_8807

What I learned:

Amazing friends are hard to come by. How lucky I am to have found people that are SO hard to say goodbye to. Having them has made everything more bearable and I am so incredibly thankful for my time with them. Thank you to Brendan and Britney for being the people that you are.

IMG_0988    IMG_2774

IMG_0210   IMG_1043

In fact I have found so many of the most AMAZING friends here in LA, it’s almost difficult to count them all. Each and every one of you deserves a personal thank you for your friendship, kindness, and richness that fulfills my every day.

IMG_9588  IMG_9176

IMG_8690   IMG_8509

IMG_7897    IMG_7917

IMG_5790   IMG_1834   IMG_2023   IMG_0668   IMG_0061    IMG_1863   IMG_0232    IMG_0636

Falling in love doesn’t happen the way that I wish to ‘plan’ it. In fact it just transpires and if I don’t get over controlling this part of my life, well then it may just never happen. Either way, I did let it happen (even if it was just for a bit). When I know something feels right it’s right. I just have a tendency to think about how something will fit into my life, rather than feeling it out.

It’s always about loving yourself first anyway.


My personality is an odd one. Truly I think I am one of the silliest and over analytical people out there. I get along with almost everyone, but I don’t always click with everyone either. I’m an INTJ, which basically means:

“INTJs…tend to be insightful and mentally quick; however, this mental quickness may not always be outwardly apparent to others since they keep a great deal to themselves,” explains Sandra Krebs Hirsch in Introduction to Type in Organizations. “They are very determined people who trust their vision of the possibilities, regardless of what others think. They may even be considered the most independent of all of the sixteen personality types. INTJs are at their best in quietly and firmly developing their ideas, theories, and principles.”


IMG_0312   IMG_0359

{ Tavis Johnson }

Oh yes and changing your hair doesn’t change you. Changing your appearance isn’t the end of the world and hair isn’t everything. In fact I think it may have brought a whole new light out of me, I didn’t even know was there.

{ i went from long, to strawberry, to dark, to bangs and now SHORT }

IMG_7748   IMG_8216

{ photo by Alex Valladares }

What I know:

I’ll always be a thinker. That is something that is almost impossible for me to change.

I am pretty open-minded and ready for change.

Family is most important to me, even when they’re not around.

Dating is a struggle when I am rather independent (very picky) and my work often comes first.


What I wish to change:

My indecisive, and somewhat neurotic nature in simple matters.

My stubbornness when it comes to men.

Constantly wanting to do it ALL and on my own.

Over working myself – creating more of a balance.

Being more aware of my surroundings, and less internally overcome.


What I want to see:

More company work, live performance and travel.

A guy, who can first and foremost mentally challenge me; someone who is real, ambitious and a genuine man.

Visits home, and appreciation for my roots.

Self-discovery and learning about where I’m rooted.

Continued, higher education.

Giving more of me to those in need.

IMG_8221_2 { AV }

I’m finally starting to grasp what I really want and what truly makes me happy. I almost forgot how much I love training and growing my knowledge in my craft. Sometimes I find myself getting stuck in the ‘work’ factor, where there’s not enough ‘play.’ Oddly, I am one of those people who love’s being in a classroom no matter where that may be. Wherever there is someplace that is intellectually stimulating, as well as promoting creativity and personal artistry, is where I want to be.


A HUGE thank you to ALL of you for sharing this year with me. What an amazing time it has been. Truly I cannot wait to see what’s next. With all that I am planning, I can see there being a lot of change this coming year. Although we can never really predict what is to come and life can flip you upside down. in the end it always works out and usually ends up being much better than we could even imagine.



Sydney S.

IMG_6379   IMG_2084

{ friends & goodbyes }


{ memories }


{ the BEST Bday }


{ the outdoors }


{ travel }


{ new friends }


{ fun }


{ year anniversary }


{ adventures }


{ shoots }

IMG_8748  { love }


{ most importantly }

IMG_5586    IMG_2056

IMG_1417   10385368_10152148627046769_8121949019117918663_n-1

{ MOVE – 2014 }

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pavel Mayda says:

    Hi Sydney, I read your blog. It was interesting, and I relate to many of your observations. I had many of your experiences but with my passion of tournament tennis. It is what I lived for all my life. Unfortunately, the body can only take so much pounding of a tennis court. Like you, my passion also was my source of relationships and many diverse people that was always a lot of fun. Enjoy everything you can while it is made available to you. Because as you get older change is the only constant and it may not always be as good as it used to be. My memories are always very fond, as your are, of my life. So be happy, be stubborn, be cautious, be intellectual, be very analytical (it can be a source of fun and can freak people out, but that is part of the fun), and when it’s time all good thing will come your way.
    By the way, you look beautiful no matter what hair you style you have.

    1. Hello there! I am happy to hear that you relate on so many different levels. No matter what aspect of life or in what field we may be, we all seem to have similar connections in some way. Any sport, or art, is hard on the mind and the body. I greatly appreciate your thoughts. In any moment, I always need those small reminders. You are so right! These behavioral traits are useful in any given situation. I believe that to be true as well. Everything always works out for the best, and we learn many great lessons along the way.
      Thank you, thank you and again I thank you!

  2. cmauldin868 says:

    Hello, my name is Christopher and I’ve enjoyed reading your 2014 year in review. It’s awesome to observe people lifting others up other than themselves. Wanderlust is addicting huh? So you are looking for a man that mentally challenge you? What would that look like? I’d love your thoughts on that. A fall is something you never see coming…

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate you saying that. Yes I do love to travel… Don’t we all? It’s the most amazing thing that really seems to enrich our lives. Well you see… It’s complicated. I don’t do well with small talk. I enjoy people who are intelligent and who to put it simply, use their brains. It begins with the right approach. Most people don’t even have this in my experience. People try too hard and aren’t really being genuine to themselves. When someone really gets me thinking and pushes me to be better than I am – that is the ultimate relationship. The support, the conversation and the ambition that forms a connection between each other. 🙂

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