NYE fun ~ supporting friends & dancing all night long!

The last day of 2014 was spent with the greatest collection of friends, as well as the first day of the New Year. I am one lucky girl to call them mine.


Usually the closing to any given year is expected to end in one big smooch; well at least that’s what I keep hearing. Funny because I’d rather find myself dancing the night away and supporting those that I admire most. Plus Ms. Bradshaw always made it known that it was more than okay to be ‘single and fabulous.’


Either way, my NYE couldn’t have gone any better. My expectations are always high for this day, but in all of the wrong ways. This year I was able to travel to Vegas to see and be with all of my best pals. We were able to support our girl Miss Gale in her newest debut of Show Stoppers, and boy did she stop the show. Thankfully I had my crazy cool friend G to keep me company on the drive, admiring the snowflakes as we drove into Sin City (yes I said snow).






Afterwards we went to a nearby household, and I ran into my dancer friends from back home whom I’ve known for years! Now that was quite the treat, considering I have some of my favorite people old and new all in one location together. Oh yes and there was non-stop dancing and celebrating. Did I mention we went shopping before the show too? Yes, all of my favorite things in just a few short hours.

much love to: Britney, Gerald, Larissa, Micah, De’Von, Chrys, Tyler and everyone I had the pleasure of seeing!

IMG_9581   IMG_9583   IMG_9582

On January 1st, 2015 we woke up to the cold. Together we headed down to a local restaurant called The Cracked Egg. They may very well have the most delicious coffee cake on the planet, and the ‘egg’ scrambles aren’t half bad either. Our girl from the big apple came to say hello too, and so did my friend from college. There is no better way I’d like to ring in 2015, except for maybe squeezing my favorite little boys and wishing them a Happy New Year too.

IMG_9330      IMG_9328

Hope you all had a good one!

Love, SYD


just remember: 

fall deeply into something

indefinable. Believe me, it is

a beautiful thing. let it grow

inside you until it becomes you,

and then let it grow some more.


and when the indefinable becomes

the familiar, then I urge you to

keep going, to keep finding,

there will always be more. that

is your role, to keep on experiencing

yourself until you know so much

that it terrifies you.

r.m. drake

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