Tea, Art & SKATE

Saturday nights are usually a time to for me to chill. Working weekend’s calls for resting in between shows and putting up my feet. This las weekend I was drawn to a neighborhood teahouse however, which I’ve been watching them put together for some time now. Although the shop doesn’t officially open until late January, there was a little showcase going on this particular evening. In fact to my surprise, it holds a quaint little art gallery as well, with a lounge through the back corner.






My dear friend G first discovered this charming place. As I ventured in alone, Ms. Katie Reese agreed to come meet me and explore a little. Together, and with her boy, we checked the place out. I must say the ambiance is rather fun! There was live music, incredible art, lights hanging, and hipsters all around. We decided this is a very ‘NoHo’ type of place, and I am not opposed. Beards, hats, dark colors and cool drinks are definitely my kind of crowd. The tea is yummy, the art is fantastic and I will definitely be revisiting. Oh yes and my favorite part had to be taking photos along the ‘dreamer’ wall!



Take a look:


and on IG: @TEAPOPLA – promoting ‘how art saves the world’ while serving ‘imported and organic teas’


Next we decided to strap on our ice skates and blade the frosty outdoor rink in downtown Burbank. Talk about the perfect date activity, or in my case tag-along. For only $13 you can skate with friends for over an hour, behind the shops near the mall. As this cute couple glided along, I stayed behind to take photos and videos of them. I have to say I definitely didn’t mind this, as I admired their fun. Thankfully they included me in an occasional hand grab, while we danced our way around and around the rink.




IMG_9590      IMG_9491


Don’t miss it!

Open until January 19th

Skating Times:

10am    12pm    2pm    4pm    6pm    8pm   &      10pm  (only on weekends)


Ps the blueberry pomegranate tea latte – with half the powder – at Coffee Bean is also to die for (thanks G). Feel free to steal that one because I did 😉 Oh yes I also stole his tea & pop sign photo too!




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