Intro to Vulnerability

I am a huge fan of TED talks, and recently a friend introduced me to an intriguing collection of talks by Brené Brown. This woman is an extraordinary researcher who addresses some humanly emotions we rarely face or deal with. Vulnerability for instance is something I have always seen as a weakness, especially in regards to love and belonging. While she points this out as being a natural tendency, it doesn’t mean that we are right to ignore it.

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Her philosophy has to do with expanding our perspectives. She believes that life is messy; we can accept it while learning to ‘clean it up.’ Many of her talks are on the topic of shame resilience in relation to vulnerability. While this could seem a bit depressing, it is also something we should discuss more often. In fact it is ‘okay’ to talk about the messiness, even though I act tough as though it doesn’t bother me. Here are a few phrases that caught my attention, while you can listen to an entire talk above.


Perfection is protection.

Numbing is pretending it’s okay, which ends up numbing all emotions.

Shame is the fear of disconnection.

While vulnerability is seen as a weakness at the core of shame and fear, it also is at the core of love, belonging and creativity.


So I’ve realized: we as artists feel this daily, and it is something we have to learn to use throughout our daily practice. Putting our work out there – which is a part of our being – can feel be very vulnerable and scary at times.

So why can’t we use it in our regular lives?

‘We stay so busy that they truth of our lives can’t catch up.’ – BB


Maybe it’s time I learn to be vulnerable in other aspects of my life. Why not? You never know where it could lead and one day it’s bound to be wonderful!

Thanks for the inspiration G { my friend Gerald always has me thinking } — and we all know I LOVE to do that.

Chow! Keep on digging

Love, Syd

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