Weekly rituals and a brief overview

My usual weekly training and rehearsal schedule was again evident for this week. A combination of Pilates, cardio, Yoga and a lot of dancing occurred. I found a new fun little restaurant, and visited an old favorite as well. Plus more rehearsals for an upcoming show are underway and I couldn’t be more excited!

IMG_0006    IMG_9974

{ i am happiest in a studio }

Monday I was able to assist in a Yoga Tune Up® workshop for dancers. It consisted of: opening up the hips, rolling out the tensor fascia latae and stretching with correct placement. This is one of the best ways to properly warm up the body before any workout or dance class. Truly we do not know how much we are beating up our ‘instruments’, until we experience how it can actually feel better.

again contact: bodybyaaron@icloud.com

IMG_9952    IMG_9940

There’s a new spectacle I’m involved in that began rehearsing this last week. Full updates and details coming soon. It is comprised of a lot of athletics, contemporary movement and rope work. So far it has proven to be challenging and a lot of fun! Oh not to mention I was pleasantly surprised walking into the studio, to find one of my close friends performing in the production as well. Yay!

I also got to workshop with my lovely Escape Artists this week too. It has been too long since I’ve seen them, and being in the studio with these souls was completely gratifying. I’m sure there will be a lot more of this to come.


IMG_0079    IMG_0078

Also, stay tuned for upcoming LACDC open company classes happening in February.

While I visited Urth Caffé for some green tea boba, I also paid a visit to a burger lounge in Studio City. The place is called Stout, and although it hardly competes with Umami Burger, the ambiance is divine and the food is scrumptious. Sitting there in the dim lighting, watching football with a rustic feel all around is nothing I will complain about. Luckily they had many healthy options for me to try. The chicken burgers may be the tastiest choice, although the veggie burger with quinoa and no-bun was what I had to order this time around. Check it out!


IMG_9991        IMG_0194

IMG_0196       IMG_0192

Lastly, remember to meditate daily. Five minutes of focusing in can change your entire outlook on the day. In fact in SF it was proven that 15 minutes of meditating for students, led to a 70% improvement in their schooling. This is my new goal. Take time to be quiet and to myself. Life get’s crazy but we can slow things down every once in awhile.

Thanks for reading! A new inspirational talk coming to you soon.




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